Voters decide on candidates, issues

By Eddie Mowen Jr. -

EATON —Despite a glitch in online results reporting on election night, Tuesday, Nov. 5, the Preble County Board of Elections released the unofficial results for its 42 precincts at just after 10 p.m. that evening.

The unofficial tally shows 8,192 ballots from just under 30 percent of the county’s 27,470 registered voters were cast.


According to the unofficial results, the following were elected by voters:

Member of Council Eaton City Council: David M. Kirsch, Joseph E. Renner.

Mayor Camden Village: Karen Moss

Member of Council Camden Village: Judy L. Michael, Jeff Steele

Mayor College Corner Village: James R. Jackson

Mayor Eldorado Village: Tiana R. White

Clerk-Treasurer Eldorado Village: Karen Hunt

Member of Council Eldorado Village: Robert Cook, Barry L. Martindale

Member of Board of Public Affairs Eldorado Village: Brian Hines, Jan E. Lawrence

Mayor Gratis Village: Benjamin Roles

Member of Council Gratis Village: David Johnston, Cynthia Hoffman

Mayor Lewisburg Village: Marsha K. Jones

Member of Council Lewisburg Village: Mark R. Madigan, Theodore H. Thies

Mayor New Paris Village: Katherine Smallwood

Member of Coucil New Paris Village: Ralph Dungan

Member of Board of Public Affairs New Paris Village: Charles C. Brower, W. Edward Davies

Mayor Verona Village: Nikki Plank

Mayor West Alexandria Village: Dan Utsinger

Member of Council West Alexandria Village: Ashley Myers, Zachary J. Shafer

Mayor West Elkton Village: Gevella C. Wilt

Mayor West Manchester Village: Robert W. Long

Trustee Dixon Township: Steven D. Orr

Fiscal Officer Dixon Township: Beth E. Fornshell

Trustee Gasper Township: Eric White

Fiscal Officer Gasper Township: Randy Blaich

Trustee Gratis Township: Victor Stamper

Fiscal Officer Gratis Township: Michael L. Campbell Jr.

Trustee Harrison Township: Joe Conley

Fiscal Officer Harrison Township: Lorrie E. Ullery

Trustee Israel Township: Christopher M. Johnston

Fiscal Officer Israel Township: John S. Wright

Trustee Jackson Township: James Newton

Fiscal Officer Jackson Township: Kimberly J. Dees

Trustee Jefferson Township: Duane E. Pickett

Fiscal Officer Jefferson Township: David Wesler

Trustee Lanier Township: Clarence D. Eby

Fiscal Officer Lanier Township: Mark McIntire

Trustee Monroe Township: Lloyd Lee

Fiscal Officer Monroe Township:

Trustee Somers Township: William A. McQuiston

Fiscal Officer Somers Township: Kelda S. Bittinger

Trustee Twin Township: Terry Creech

Fiscal Officer Twin Township: Kay Johnson

Trustee Washington Township: James A. Ferriell

Fiscal Officer Washington Township: Amanda A. Jerdon

Member of Board Montgomery County ESC: Eric Walker, Daryl Michael

Member of Board of ESC Preble County ESC: Rhonda Schaar, Kevin A. Johnston

Member of Board of ESC, Unfinished term ending Dec. 31, 2021: Shelly Lykins

Member of Board of Ed Brookville LSD: Timothy J. Denlinger, Lauren N. Hester, Susan H. Steck

Member of Board of Ed-Unfinished term ending Dec. 31, 2021: Susan Kirkpatrick

Member of Board of Ed Eaton Community SD: J. Ben Myers, Terry V. Parks

Member of Board of Ed Edgewood CSD: Amy R. Ashcraft, Tom York

Member of Board of Ed National Trail LSD: Greg McWhinney, Mindy Ward

Member of Board of Ed Preble Shawnee LSD: Gary A. Rader, Jeff D. Wood

Member of Board of Ed-Unfinished term ending Dec. 31, 2021: Nicholas C. Duskey

Member of Board of Ed Talawanda CSD: Rebecca Howard, Lois Vollmer, Chris Otto

Member of Board of Ed Tri County North LSD: Rodney C. Schaar, Vickie L. Woodyard,

Member of Board of Ed Twin Valley Community LSD: Tim Beneke, James Pemberton


According to the unofficial results, all the following issues appearing on ballots in Preble County were approved by voters:

1 Gasper Township EMS, 1-mill addtional: passed, 63.64 percent-36.36 percent

2 Gratis Township Cemetery, 0.7 mill renewal: passed, 61.17 percent-38.83 percent

3 Gratis Ambulance District EMS, 1-mill renewal: passed, 65.15 percent-34.85 percent

4 Lanier Township Ambulance District EMS, 1-mill renewal, passed, 64.83 percent-35.17 percent

5 Washington Township Fire, 0.5-mill renewal, passed, 74.23 percent-25.77 percent

6 Washington Township Fire, 1-mill renewal, passed, 69.34 percent-30.66 percent

9 Eaton Community School District, Current Expenses 0.75 percent income tax renewal, passed, 64.26 percent-35.74 percent

10 National Trail Local School District, current 0.75 percent income tax renewal, passed, 66.16 percent-33.84 percent

11 North Central Ambulance District EAS, 2 mills additional, passed 64.39 percent-35.61 percent

12 Northwest Fire & Ambulance Services EAS, 2 mills additional, passed, 60.26 percent-39.74 percent

13 Preble County District Library CE, 1-mill, passed, 57.04 percent-42.96 percent

14 Preble County General Health District, passed, 61.33 percent-38.67 percent

15 Preble County Job & Family Services, passed, 63.39 percent-36.61 percent

16 Preble County MHRB, passed, 53.28 percent-46.72 percent

17 City of Eaton income tax renewal, passed, 70.41 percent-29.59 percent

18 Village of Camden Local Option, approved, 56.94 percent-43.06 percent

19 Village of College Corner CE, passed, 59.65 percent-40.35 percent

20 Village of College Corner, passed, 58.62 percent-41.38 percent

21 Village of Lewisburg, passed, 65.73 percent-34.27 percent

22 Village of New Paris, passed, 64.41 percent-35.59 percent

23 Village of Verona COE, passed, 71.28 percent-28.72 percent

24 Village of Verona COE, 2 mills, passed, 69.15 percent-30.85 percent

25 Village of West Elkton, passed, 85.71 percent-14.29 percent

By Eddie Mowen Jr.

Reach Eddie Mowen Jr. at 937-683-4056 or on Twitter @emowen_RH.

Reach Eddie Mowen Jr. at 937-683-4056 or on Twitter @emowen_RH.