PCRTA provides update

Submitted by Sharon Norman - PCRTA Corresponding Secretary

PREBLE COUNTY — Preble County Retired Teachers Association (PCRTA) held its most recent meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

The meeting was called to order by President Harold Niehaus, with 29 members in attendance. Betty Brenner shared a Veterans’ Day tribute and the blessing.

After a delicious Thanksgiving meal, secretary and treasurer reports were presented and approved. A collection for “Tools for Schools” was followed by committee reports. Phyllis Marling updated the group on local scams targeting seniors. Judy Looker collected volunteer hours. Paul Ellison reminded the group 2020 PCRTA and ORTA dues need to be paid.

Due to a program change, the group learned about a new program in Preble County. Harold Niehaus gave an overview of his role as Career Connections Director. Designed to benefit local businesses, schools, students and the community, it includes K-12 curriculum guidelines for career connections.

In this first year, the focus has been on Preble County high school seniors and their transition to adult life. Personally interviewing all seniors, Niehaus has asked the “hard questions” about how they plan to get that job, training, career or degree. Through liaisons with local businesses, industry, individuals and colleges, he has helped students begin to develop the vision to pursue their goals. A first step may point them toward further training, internship, or college. He also raises students’ awareness of job opportunities available in the community once they complete training or education, bringing qualified workers back to the community.

The program will be expanding in Preble County to reach students at all grade levels. Interested PCRTA members are urged to contact Niehaus to become a part of this innovative program.

The next PCRTA meeting will be April 14, 2020.

Submitted by Sharon Norman

PCRTA Corresponding Secretary