Public Records


PREBLE COUNTY —Marriage applications filed in Preble County from Wednesday, Jan. 13 to Wednesday, Jan. 20:

Keith Marshall Taylor, 24, of Camden and Morgan Keryn Singleton, 22, of West Alexandria.

Michael Lee Kingsley, 44, of West Alexandria and Jennifer Ann Wharton, 37, of West Alexandria.

Ryan Lee Kiracofe, 31, of West Alexandria and Megan Lynn Cammack, 34, of West Alexandria.

Real estate transfers filed from Wednesday, Jan. 6 to Wednesday, Jan. 20:

Thomas L. Batsche Jr. and Samantha E. Batchse to PNC Bank, Lot 70 in Gratis OL.

Suted Solutions LCC and Su TED Solutions LLC to Derrick L. Brown, lot 9 in Preblewood.

Kenneth A. Roberds and Judy M. Roberds to Thomas Gerald Long and Deanna Jodi Long, 5.772 acres in Gratis.

Irma Brown to Edward W. Brown Jr. and Irma Brown, Lots 1671, 1672 and 1973 in Lakengren 15.

Gregory A. Beherns and Paula R. Beherns to Grace Williams, lot 196 in Eaton.

Patricia L. Jones to Elizabeth M. Focht and Jeffery Alan Focht, lot 3 in Paul.

Teresa J. Hofacker and Randy. A Parks to Tracy Knittle, Males Zully Marlene Morals and Marlene Morales Males Zully, .105 acres in Washington Township.

Lisa A. Gault to Lucas M. Thacker and Gwendolyn I. Thacker, 56.931 acres in Israel Townships.

Cassidy Clifford to Earl Wood, Lot 22 in Deer Run 1.

Earl Wood to Cassidy Clifford lot 21 in Deer Run 1.

Earl E. Bennet to Curt D. Fourman and Denise M. Fourman, lot 120 and 122 In Lakengren 1.

Ann Napier and Anna M. Napier to Bryan Schultz, lot 454 in Camden.

Scott A. Stockslager and Barbara J. Stockslager to Justin Blakenship, .75 acres in Lanier Townhsip.

Kimberley Veregge to Kimberley Veregge and Steven Rogers, 4.144 acres and 3.301 acres in Jefferson Township.

Lynn A. Denlinger to James W. Zimmeran and Mary E. Zimmerman, 1.012 acres in Twin Township.

Carolyn Lowry to Tyler J. Slawson, lots 80 and 81 in Lakengren 1.

Linda Hardy and Linda C. Hardy to Bill Harris, lot 626 in Camden.

Eric E. Merit to Margaret J. Jordan, lots, 1828 and 1829 in Eaton.

Nancy Weatherby to Paul Dale Fortney, 2.302 acres in Gratis Township.

Village South Asscoaciates and Secuirty Properties to Village South Apartments LLC, part of outlot 133 in Eaton.

Evelyn Panzer to Montine Coral, lot 1048 in Eaton.

Lisa K. Burrows and Patrick S. Burrows to Anthony C. Campbell, lot 400 in Eaton.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Matt Martin Real Estate Management, lot 6 in Heath.

Webster Charlotte Gale Executor, John Bowen Tibbs and John B. Tibbs to Dale D. Geyer and Shannon E. Geyer, 16.565 acres in Gratis Township.

Sharon L. Miller, Scott D. Kunkle and Scott Kunkle, lot 3229 in Eaton.

Sharon L. Miller, Scott D. Kunkle and Scott Kunkle to Thomas Kessler, lot 3229 in Eaton.

Bill J. Krintzline, Sherri L. Jewett, Kathy J. Swain, Jeffrey K. Krintzline, Jeffery K. Krintzline, and Lisa J. Sullivan, to Matthew J. Drake, lot 1251 in Eaton.

David Lee Denelsbeck, and Renae R. Denelsbeck to Nicholas Boyce Wright, 7.05 acres and 4.70 acres in Twin Township.

Sheryl Creech to Dean Malcolm Fudge, lot 191 in West Alexandria.

Prof 2013 SE REO I LCC and FAY Servicing LCC to US ROF III Legal Title Trust 2015 1 and US Bank National Association Trustee, 6,175 acres in Israel Township.

US ROF III Legal Title Trust 2015 1 and US Bank National Association Trustee to Amanda C. Whinery and US Bank National Association Trustee, 6.175 acres in Israel Township.

Sanda F. Dees to Richard Koczera and Amanda Koczera, .166 acres and 48.843 acres in Gratis Township.

Sharon L. Miller to Scott Kunkle Trustee, Sharon L. Miller IRREVOCABLE TRUST and Sharon L. Miller IRREVOCABLE TRUST, lot 359 in West Alexandria.

Joann Harris to Douglas W. Lohrey and Amber N. Lohrey, lot 31 in Gratis OL.

Jerry F. Wysong and Angela Adkins, to Angela Adkins, lots 1990 and 1991 in Lakengren 21 and 20.

Stephen J. Gadd and Mary L. Gadd to BMO Harris Bank NA, M and I Bank FSB and M&I Bank FSB, lot 556 in Camden.

Greg S. Robinson, Greg Scott Robinson and Patricia A. Willmann, lot 693 in Lewisburg.

Clarance Theodore Lutz Jr. EXECTUOR, Clarance Theodore Lutz Jr. EXECTUOR, Ted Luts EXECUTOR, and Estate of Martha Jane Cornett to Christopher J. McReynolds, Christopher J. Mc Reynolds, Brittany M. McReynolds and Brittany M. Mc Reynolds, 5.527 acres in Gratis Township.

Delena S. Oaks and Delana Sue Oaks, to Craig Huff Farming LLC and Craig Huff Farming LLC, 6.828 acres in Gratis Township.

Rebecca S. Powell Trustee, Rebecca S. Powell Trust Agreement, Rebecca S. Powell Trust Agreement, to Jeremiah D. Conway and Dayna M. Conway, 2.186 acres in Monroe Townships.

Jeremy C. Nickels, Jeremy C. Nickels, Maleah B. Nickels and Maleah B. Nickels to Machiko Caden, lot 2409 in Eaton.