EATON — Dr. Scott Vosler has retired from medical practice as of Tuesday, Dec. 10.

After an illustrious career spanning 37 years, he is now leaving practice to pursue his many hobbies, as well as spend more time with family and friends. Along with his wife, Tammy, who has worked at his side for most of those 37 years, they leave behind a thriving practice, as well as an entire medical complex he had a major hand in bringing about.

Dr. Scott Vosler’s tireless efforts, not only for his patients, but for the creation of brick and mortar buildings that now make up the Preble County Medical Center, have allowed for greater quality and availability of medical care to the community.

Beginning his medical career in June of 1983, Dr. Vosler joined the Preble County Medical Center alongside his brother, Dr. Mark Vosler, his father, Dr. John Vosler, and lifelong friend and mentor, Dr. Harold Ferguson. He was later joined by Dr. Allen Ferguson, Dr. Jill Vosler, and Dr. Kent Vosler.

Following in the footsteps of those who had come before him, Dr. Scott Vosler aided in the spearheading of additional medical services for all of Preble County almost from day one. He built relationships with nearly every hospital executive in the surrounding area, thereby creating a negotiating environment that has allowed for more options for the community, including the availability of radiology, lab, and, eventually, a full service emergency room.

He has been relentless in his push for the expansion of healthcare services, which has enhanced medical care in Preble County, as well as providing employment opportunities for hundreds of hard-working Preble County community members.

When asked how he will fill his time, he has mentioned medical service overseas, as well as a strong desire to spend more time pursuing his hobbies, which are numerous. From his pursuit of falconry, to his love for scuba diving, there is no question as to whether Dr. Scott Vosler will keep busy.

He has also vowed to stay involved in the continued evolution of healthcare in this community. His practice will remain intact, with medical care continuing to be provided by his trusted advanced practice practitioners, Tim McCarty, Amy Littrell, and Tracie Shoe, who have a combined years-of-service equally nearly 40 years. They will be overseen by Dr. Jill Vosler.