Turner resigns as ESC superintendent

EATON — Kevin Turner has resigned at the Superintendent of the Preble County Educational Service Center.

His resignation will take effect on July 31.

Turner turned in a letter dated May 22, 2015 to the Preble County ESC governing board to announce his resignation.

The letter read:

“Dear Preble County Education Service Center Governing Board:

“It is with deep sadness and regret that I offer my letter of resignation from the position of Superintendent. I am grateful for the opportunity to have served the Governing Board for these past seven years. It has been a privilege to work with the wonderful staff and watch them impact the lives of our students. The ESC staff goes relatively unnoticed by the community. However the parents know the dedication and love our staff puts into each day with our students.”

It is unclear at this time why Turner resigned from his position as superintendent of the ESC as Turner declined to comment. Turner did say, however, “From time to time organizations go through a renewal process and sometimes that process includes a change in leadership and sometime it doesn’t, it just depends on what are the needs.”

He also spoke on his relationships with individual school districts.

“The superintendents in the districts of Preble County have been good to me in my time here. I wish them continued success and I hope student achievement in this county improves and continues to improve and that’s the real reason why schools should exist. Educate kids to the best of their God given abilities so they can walk out into the competitive world and do well,” Turner said.

Turner said his time in Preble County has been a great experience and he has enjoyed working within the community.

“My seven years here have been great, I’ve met a lot of truly wonderful, and special people within the county,’ Turner said. They really do have something special and unique here. “

Turner continued by saying, “We’re proud of the traditions of the educational service center, we’re one of the few ESCs in Ohio that still have an all-county band, I think that is a great tradition here and is something I’ve really enjoyed emceeing in my time here.”

Turner also served as the chair of the Preble County Chamber of Commerce and was a member of the fair board during his time as superintendent for the ESC.

For his future, Turner is unsure what he will do. He says he is still healthy and the passion for education still exists. Turner is exploring options within Ohio and mentioned he will explore options in Florida where his father currently resides. Another option Turner said, would be “just to wear flip flops.”