Day responds to ethics allegation

R-H Staff

EATON —Preble County Commissioner Chris Day last week responded to recent reports of an allegation being filed against him with the Ohio Ethics Commission, with the following statement:

“I have worked for the Public sector most of my career, and truly understand the meaning of being a public servant and have and always taken that responsibility very seriously regarding moral and ethical obligations. It is with great pride and gratitude that I serve as a Preble County Commissioner. As a Commissioner, you do your job for all Preble County citizens with the knowledge that not every citizen is going to be happy with you.

“As a Preble County Commissioner, I have and will always do everything in my power to best serve all Preble County citizens. On April 7, 2020, The Register Herald reported that an allegation against me was filed with the Ohio Ethics Commission. To date, I have not seen a copy of the allegations nor has the Ohio Ethics Commission contacted me. Nonetheless, I look forward to vigorously defending myself against these allegations and I am confident in a favorable outcome.

“The allegations reportedly relate to a sewer district in the Glenwood area now known as “Sewer District 6.” A study was commissioned by the Ohio EPA to look at options for waste disposal in “Sewer District 6” 11 years ago. In 2009, I was the West Alexandria Village Administrator. As the Village Administrator, the folks doing the study asked me for information on West Alexandria’s sewer system. I did what I should, which is to efficiently respond to their request. The study resulted in a decision to process the waste of “Sewer District 6” residents on site, not ship it to Eaton or to West Alexandria.

“I understand that Mr. Wick does not want the government telling him to hook up to a sewer system. I get that. I do not want government to coerce anyone if we can ever help it. However, that is not my decision to make. Columbus made that decision. They just asked for information and I gave them what they asked for, the same as I would and have for done him.

“I have conducted myself in an ethical manner at all relevant times as a Preble County Commissioner and West Alexandria Village Administrator.”

R-H Staff