City of Eaton Public Works annual report released

By Kelsey Kimbler -

EATON — City of Eaton 2019 Annual Reports were released recently. Included was the City of Eaton Public Works 2019 Annual Report.

Superintendent Chris Denlinger and Assistant Superintendent Zac Wilson reported, the mission of Public Works states, “The Eaton Public Works Division is dedicated to protecting the environment and the public health for our community by maintaining regulatory compliance and providing service to the public in an effective and efficient manner.”

In 2019, personnel worked a total of 21,899 hours, with 521.50 overtime hours, 1,147.75 vacation hours, and 35.75 sick hours.

Water System Descriptions

•The City of Eaton has a water distribution system that serves the approximate population of 8,400 people with around 3,700 customer accounts. The water system consists of the following components: Eaton Water Plant (Three wells), Black Water Plant (five wells), two Water Tower Storage tanks, and Distribution System.

•Eaton Water Plant – This plant is an iron removal plant served by three wells. It is fully automated and can be operated manually as required. In 2019, the Eaton Water Plant had a total of 163,494,200 gallons pumped, 3,240,202 backwash gallons, 2,498 pounds of PO4, 1,012 chlorine pounds, 16.07 free CL2 Mg/L, and 17.81 total CL2 Mg/L.

•Black Water Plant – This plant is an iron and manganese removal plant served by five wells. It is also fully automated and can be operated manually as well. In 2019, the Black Water Plant had a total of 194,460,700 gallons pumped, 5,808,565 backwash gallons, 3,269 pounds of PO4, 618.9 KMNO4 pounds, 7,595 chlorine gallons, 15.06 free CL2 Mg/L, and 17.78 total CL2 Mg/L.

•Storage Tanks/Water Towers – Two elevated storage tanks provide a storage capacity of 0.75 MG and 1.5 MG. The system can operate with one thank out of service. However, should the 1.5 MG tank be out of service, normal fire flows could be a problem in the event of a major fire.

•Distribution System – The system is approximately 55 miles long of pipe varying in size from 2-12”. There are approximately 475 fire hydrants around the city.

2019 Combined Water Treatment Plants:

•Totalled 357,954,900 gallons pumped and 9,048,767 backwash gallons, averaged 29,829,575 gallons pumped and 754,064 backwash gallons, and average daily water production for 2019 was 980,598 pumped per day.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

•In 2019, totalled 601.34 flow gallons (MG), 20.09 flow average daily (MG), 17.1 CBOD5 Mg/L Effluent, 17.2 TSS Mg/L Effluent, 1.54 NH3 Mg/L Effluent, 224 Chlorine Lbs/day Average, and 46.8 Precipitation inches.

•The Wastewater Treatment Plant Removal averaged 98.24 CBOD Removal percentage, 98.97 TSS Removal percentage, and 98.22 NH3-N Removal percentage.

Major Work and Repairs

•January 2019: Repaired flume on east side lift station pump #1, repaired RAS pump #3, issue with raw pump #5, raw line break on Eaton well #3, and Corrpro performed annual inspection on water towers.

•February 2019: Labtronix calibrated lab equipment, repaired RAS pump #2, shut Eaton Water Plant down due to flooding concerns, repaired sunrise lift station pump, repaired Walmart lift station pump, water main break on Maple Street, and Prograde started clearing trees on property north of WWTP to repair sewer line.

•March 2019: Complete 2018 CCR, received new dump truck, Prograde started replacing 24/1 sewer line north of WWTP plant, repaired sunrise lift station contactors, manhole rehab on east trunk line along Rocky Run, fix main break on Aukerman Street, main break on 35E next to Deerfield Inn, and #3 Motor and VFD at Black Water Plant failed.

•April 2019: Repair HSP #3 at BWP, repair sunrise life station float, fixed fuse on BWP well #5, issue with HSP #3 at EWP, Moodys cleaning well #2 at BWP, rented sludge press, and draining digesters for inspection.

•May 2019: Cleaning anaerobic digesters, JK installing new radios and antennas, and Eaton tower painting project complete.

•June 2019: Repaired clutch in well #2 EWP, utility crew replace water valves on Main Street, VFD failed at east side lift station, annual lead and copper sampling, and raw pump #1 failed.

•July 2019: Install new VFD at East Side Lift Station, fixed water valve at WWTP, repair and clean digester valves and gas lines, two main breaks on 35 east, installed 2 new motor’s and VFD’s at black plant, and electrical inspection for Black Water Plant.

•August 2019: Utility crew installed a storm drain for city building parking lot, purchased a new pump for HSP #2 at BWP, raw channel pumps VFD #4 and #5 failed, installed a new VFD for #5 raw pump, and installed new blower motor at WWTP.

•September 2019: EPA WWTP Inspection, replace check valves at Washington Landing Lift Station, EPA Lap Inspection, ASCO serviced emergency switch for BWP generator, new SCADA computer installed, and Garber install line reactors for HSP’s at BWP.

•October 2019: PM Technologies repaired BWP generator, utility crew repaired a broken sewer line on Chicago Street, installed new HSP #3 at Eaton Plant, Anaerobic Digesters back online, new pole barn being built for utility crew, industrial Thermal repaired heat exchangers, water main break on North Barron Street.

•November 2019: Process Pump and Seal installing BWP HSP #2, CDM Smith and Rawdon Myers finished installing new master PLC panel at WWTP, process Pump and Seal finished HSP #2 at BWP.

•December 2019: Utility crew repaired air line for aerobic tanks, installed new analog output card at BWP, new VFD #2 at BWP, Eagle Fence installed new fence around Eaton Water Tower.

By Kelsey Kimbler

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH