2019 Eaton public maintenance report released

By Kelsey Kimbler - kkimbler@registerherald.com

EATON — The City of Eaton’s 2019 Annual Reports were recently released. Information included the city’s Public Maintenance Division report.

Public Maintenance Supervisor Daniel Gray reported, the City of Eaton operates a full-service Public Maintenance Division that maintains much of the city’s infrastructure, including storm drainage, public parks, roadways and cemetery.

The City of Eaton is unique among municipal service departments in that it operates as a large labor and equipment pool rather than creating artificial divisions specializing in municipal functions. All employees in the City of Eaton Public Maintenance Division plow snow, mow grass, patch pot holes, pick up dead animals along the roadway, collect leaves or chip brush, maintain equipment, and other diverse public maintenance functions.

This provides variety to the Public Maintenance employees but also provides the Public Maintenance Director and his crew leader flexibility to assign work daily based on the needs of the community rather than hamstrung by silos of a larger operation. Some Public Maintenance employees have developed specialties, and some have important credentials (e.g. spray license), but generally speaking all employees are capable of doing a wide range of public maintenance tasks in a given day.


•East Avenue was paved from Lexington Road to Main Street

•New pavement on alleyway and parking lot between North Barron and North Cherry Streets

•New Pavement on alleyway between North Barron and North Beech Street

•New Pavement on Hillcrest Drive, Main Street and Richmond Pike

•Potholes throughout the city were patched as needed

•Streets were swept as needed

•Curbs and pavement markings were painted as needed

•Milling and filling asphalt repairs were done as needed

•Street-side tree limbs were trimmed as needed

•Public Maintenance employees assisted with water main breaks


•During 2019, storm drainage was added to East High Street, before the paving of East Avenue was started. There was storm added to the new parking lot area for proper drainage before the paving was completed.

•Wayne Avenue and East Main Street storm drainage was repaired after a large sink hole was found in the area. On Wayne Avenue, a broken-down clay tile was found to have created a large sink hole in the street. It was determined to dig the storm up and replace with new. They ended up replacing around 45’ of storm drainage in this area. All new storm drainage was installed and completed. All the work being done at this project was a joint effort with the Public Maintenance Division and Public Works Division. Final repairs are completed and the start of pavement is taking place. Base asphalt is down and ready for the final pavement to be applied.


•All city facilities landscapes saw spring cleanup and were maintained during the year. Crews performed 67 residential mowing in 2019 compared to 80 in 2018; 19 properties were cleaned up compared to six properties in 2018; this includes trimming trees and picking up trash.

•Downtown flower pots were put out and watered regularly. Downtown trees were trimmed. Leaves were collected as scheduled.


•For the 190 acres of city parks, all were inspected, repaired, cleaned up, mowed and trimmed, as needed.

•Seven Mile Park — staff washed and cleaned inside and outside of concession stand. Hosted SAY and Select Soccer Leagues, fertilizer and crabgrass preventer were applied on turf areas, paved walk path, a new shelter was built, and concrete sidewalks added. Rubber mulch was added to the playground and brush was cleaned along the walk patch.

•Clarence E. Hook Memorial Park — Trimmed walk path and added wood chips, fertilizer and crabgrass preventer were applied on turf areas, and gravel was added to the parking lot.

•Water Works Park — Sand was added to the playground area, Purple Paws Event was held, dead trees removed, turf cleaned up and seeded, and fertilizer and crabgrass preventer was applied on turf areas.

•Bark Park — Concrete sidewalks and play station areas were added, turf clean up and reseeded, and fertilizer and crabgrass preventer was applied on turf areas.

•DP&L Park/Brooke-Gould Memorial Tennis Complex — Dugout roofs were installed on field #3, concrete pads were poured under bleachers, shelter was painted, concession building was painted, bleacher on field #5 was rehabbed, partnered with the school to conduct their tennis program, worked with the YMCA on the men, women and co-ed softball leagues, fertilizer and crabgrass preventer was applied on turf areas.

•Crystal Lake/Roberts Bridge — Clean up after flooding, kept the dam area cleaned off, and fertilizer and crabgrass preventer was applied to turf areas. Roberts Bridge was a focus of a couple events in 2019: Smart Car Rally April 27, Buckeye Bridge Ride June 22.

•Youth Center — Cleaned and inspected regularly, fertilizer and crabgrass preventer was applied on turf areas.

•Fort St. Clair — Eaton’s Cross-Country events: Schools from three states come to participate in various events. Picnic tables were painted, new split rail fence installed, dead trees were removed, and fertilizer and crabgrass preventer was applied on turf areas. Cabin #1 had a new roof installed, Cabin #2 had new concrete poured around the cabin area, berm roadways with gravel, and worked with Whispering Christmas.

•Aquatic Center — regular maintenance of pool equipment and grounds were done, as needed.


•During 2019, 63 burials were performed. Of those 46 were full burials and 17 were cremations. Two of the cremations were indigent. Thirty-five grave spaces sold, 23 city residents and 12 non-residents. Seventy grave sites were seeded, 41 foundations for monuments were installed, four military markers were set, and Jane Doe indigent disinterment was performed.

•Cemetery personnel maintained 60 acres of Cemetery grounds, mowed, trimmed, tree care, fertilized and applied crabgrass preventer. Maintained and repaired Cemetery equipment. Maintained Fort St. Clair Park, mowed and trimmed grounds, tree maintenance, picnic table and playground maintenance, oversaw cabin rentals and monitored trash pick­ up. Assisted the Whispering Christmas Committee with Whispering Christmas, grounds care of Aquatic Center, assisted Public Maintenance Division with leaf collection, banners, set-up for downtown events, plowing snow and Christmas lights. Assisted Eaton Cross Country with any park issues needed to practice or hold events. Were pro-active with community volunteer days in the spring.

Leaf collection

•During 2019 leaf collection, there were 87 loads collected by the leaf vac trucks and multiple loads with the street sweeper.

Snow and ice

•During 2019, snow and ice events: 1,275.6 gallons of fuel, 5,093 miles of plowing and salting streets, 409.57 tons of salt, 255 regular hours, 330.25 overtime hours, and 35 bags of sidewalk salt.


•8,940 gallons of brings, 431 miles sprayed, 90.5 gallons of fuel, all done on regular time with no overtime.

Special events

•The Public Maintenance Division performs a lot of different duties in various events, from traffic control to working with the community to beautify the city.

•Events included: The Ultimate Helicopter Egg Drop Safe Communities Day, Little League Parade, Memorial Day Parade, Neighborfest, Boom-N-Blast, Purple Paws, Preble County Fair Parade, Old Fashion Downtown Saturday Night Car Show, End of Summer block party – truck show, Pork Festival Parade, Arts Night Out, Jingle Jog 5K, and White Christmas.

Equipment and truck purchases

•2019 GMC 1500 to replace a 1995 model (public maintenance)

•2019 Grasshopper (cemetery)

•2019 Scag Turf Tiger (parks)

•2019 Scag Turf Tiger (public maintenance)

•2019 Sure Trac 18’ Trailer (mowing trailer)

By Kelsey Kimbler


Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH