Preble site of Saturday ‘Rally Around Ohio’

R-H Staff

EATON — Thomas Hach, Coordinator of Free Ohio Now invites the public to be a part of Preble County’s participation in a Rally Around Ohio on Saturday, May 9, at 1 p.m.

According to Hach, Preble County “is one of multiple Ohio counties which will combine our voices to express grievances over the repressive dictates of Governor Mike DeWine and appointed Health Director Amy Acton.”

“Freedom-loving patriots who believe in the Constitution, join us,” Hach said in a press release Wednesday.

The Preble County Rally will take place on the Preble County Courthouse Plaza, 101 E. Main St, Eaton.

Signs bearing a “Free Ohio Now,” message are encouraged, as are flags.

“According to, as of May 4, Preble County, has experienced one tragic death attributed to the coronavirus,” Hach noted. “While our deepest sympathy goes out to the victim’s loved ones, Preble County is not experiencing the spread of the disease at a pandemic rate, in spite of Dr. Acton’s claim that 40-70 percentage of us would get COVID-19, regardless of restrictions. We must be released to resume life as usual.”

Hach noted, around Ohio:

“• People are unemployed and uninsured; our economy is heading into recession.

“•Churches are closed.

“•Rates of depression, suicide, and alcohol/drug abuse are rising as stay-at-home orders continue.

“•Unemployed, divorced parents are falling behind in child support payments.

“•Countless small businesses remain closed by state mandates.

“•Factories are calling back some of their workers.

“•City, county, and state governments are seeing fiscal downturns.

“•Elections are not being held properly.

“•Food supply is strained and in jeopardy.

“•Constitutional rights are being trampled.

“•Many surgeries and attention to other essential medical needs are delayed.”

“We must get our lives back,” the press release noted.

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