Bullen vying for seat




EATON — Preble County resident Mary Bullen has announced her run this fall for a Preble County Commissioner seat.

The former executive of Bullen Ultrasonics filed as an Independent and will be facing off against Adam Craft on the November ballot.

“Preble County is a great place to live and has so much untapped potential,” said Bullen. “We deserve an advocate that is accountable to the people and gets the job done. I’m ready to be that advocate.”

A Preble County resident for 55 years, Bullen was an owner and manager of manufacturing company Bullen Ultrasonics for nearly 30 years (1981-2010). Incorporated by her father in 1971, Bullen Ultrasonics is a world leader in the machining of technical materials and a proud Preble County employer.

In 2003, Bullen founded Home is The (H.I.T.) Foundation, a non-profit organization formed to address the critical shortage of affordable housing in rural Preble County. In addition to providing affordable housing to families, The H.I.T. Foundation manages a senior home repair program, owns and operates our local homeless shelter, and works to help neighbors achieve their independence and success.

“The unique thing about Mary is that she has the mind of a businesswoman but a heart and a soul of a social worker,” said Janet Crelin, Preble County resident and H.I.T. Foundation Board member. “She sees a need and then she knows how to get something done.”

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a non-profit in Preble County that hasn’t been impacted by Mary Bullen,” said Jane Marshall, Preble County Habitat for Humanity board president.

According to Bullen, she has engaged the county commission many times over the years to advocate for the community on a number of issues and initiatives.

“No one wants to feel like they don’t have a voice,” said Bullen.

“I know what it’s like to go to Preble County leaders with a plan to help our community, but be dismissed. That’s why I’m running for county commissioner — to partner with the community and build a stronger Preble County.”

Bullen says she is ready to hit the ground running in a number of areas, including initiatives to help keep businesses safe and open during these challenging times. Working with the community, she is prepared to support Preble County education, agriculture, housing and economic opportunities.

“Our citizens and our families should have the opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams to the best of their abilities,” said Bullen.

“This county is so much better today than it was 30 years ago, but we still need a stronger Preble County,” said Jeffrey Allen, Preble County resident. “We need businesses, individuals and volunteers working together, communicating, building a stronger network of relationships — especially during times of crisis. Mary Bullen has what it takes to get us there.”

For more information on Bullen or to sign up for updates, visit MaryABullen.com.