Commissioners updated on recycling, landfill, sewer districts

By Braden Moles -

EATON — Preble County Engineer Kyle Cross provided the Preble County Board of Commissioners with his monthly update on the landfill, recycling and sewer districts during their meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

He started by providing an update on the county’s contract with Rumpke and recycling in Lakengren.

“We’re still kind of going back and forth reviewing the Rumpke contract for next year, trying to nail down number of locations, number of pickups and we’re still trying to see how everything goes at Lakengren now that the the curbside has been discontinued for the dumpsters out there,” he said.

Cross said there were no issues with Sewer Districts Two and Three.

“Sewer District Six, continuing to have meetings with CDM Smith, and late last night I got the 60 percent design from them for the collection,” he said, also adding that he did not have a chance to review the material yet.

For the landfill, monthly tonnage is about 3,200 tons above average, or year-to-date last year.

“Leachate did go up last month by 53,000 gallons,” Cross said. “If you remember, I kind of indicated we were expecting that to happen with that collection line taking on that new cell and to basically get the sand drained out from under it. Out of county waste, we were up about 60 tons last month from previous, which is about where we normally are.”

Cross then advised the commissioners about an issue with slow volume going out of a wet well, which is a chamber used for collecting liquid.

“The leachate, the wet well that’s just adjacent to the collection system, we’ve been fighting one of the pumps in there,” he said, “to find out what is causing the issues with the slow volume out of that wet well into the storage tanks.”

Commissioner Chris Day then clarified that the landfill is dealing with just one of these wells.

“Yeah, but it’s triggering – it’s keeping the high alarm on for some reason,” Cross said. “So, we’re not sure if it’s a relay in it, if it’s something with a pump. We’ve got our vac truck down there. What we’re suspecting one of the issues could be is silt in the bottom of that from the construction. It kind of got pushed through once it got reconnected and so we’re gonna get it cleaned out find out what the issue with the pump is and life will go on.”

Cross then requested that the commissioners enter into an executive session to discuss the purchase of property, to which they obliged.

The Preble County Board of Commissioners meet every Monday and Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the Preble County Courthouse. These meetings are open to the public.

By Braden Moles

Reach Braden Moles at 037-683-4056 or on Twitter @BradenMoles

Reach Braden Moles at 037-683-4056 or on Twitter @BradenMoles