Grubb appeal dismissed

R-H Staff

HAMILTON — The Twelfth District Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal of a Farmersville, man who was convicted of possession of drugs, illegal manufacture of drugs and violating his community control sanction.

James E. Grubb pleaded guilty to felonious assault in 2012 and was sentenced to community control. In March 2104, while Grubb was still on community control, he was stopped for a traffic violation and a scale and methamphetamine were discovered in his vehicle.

Grubb was charged with possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In June 2014, Grubb was charged with illegal manufacture of drugs, illegal assembly/possession of chemicals to manufacture drugs, and possession of methamphetamine.

These charges were the result of an investigation by police after they received a tip that methamphetamine was being manufactured at a rental property in Eaton.

The trial court held a hearing on the March and June charges, along with a community control violation charge. As a result of a plea bargain in all three cases, Grubb pleaded guilty to possession of drugs, illegal manufacture of drugs, and admitted that he violated his community control.

The remaining charges were dismissed.

The trial court sentenced Grubb to a total of five years in prison.

On appeal, Grubb’s attorney informed the court he could find no basis for any error at the trial court level, and requested

that the court of appeals conduct an independent review of the record for possible errors.

In a unanimous decision, appellate judges Mike Powell, Stephen W. Powell and Robert P. Ringland dismissed the appeal. The appellate court independently reviewed the record and concluded that no errors were committed at the trial court level and that there was no basis for a reversal.

The decision of the Twelfth District Court of Appeals dismissed Grubb’s appeal and granted his appellate counsel’s motion to withdraw.

R-H Staff