PC library purchases KIC Mini Scanners, offers COVID test kits

Submitted by Preble County District Library

PREBLE COUNTY — The Preble County District Library now offers access to new devices at the Camden, Eaton, Eldorado, New Pairs, and West Alexandria library branches called Knowledge Imaging Center (KIC) Mini Scanners. This hardware was purchased with funds from the Coronavirus Relief Grant, awarded to the library in 2020 for use through 2021.

The KIC Clic Mini Scanners are capable of up to 20 by 20 inches of face-up book scanning and copying. Those high-resolution files are then easily transferrable to smart devices such as smartphones and tablets for use in online learning, digital projects, and other applications. Scanned documents can also be printed right from the machine. The KIC Clic Scanners can be utilized by teachers, students, homeschool parents, and more for free at the library.

A library staff member will be available to anyone who needs help using the devices. Visit www.preblelibrary.org/about-us/locations to find the branch open hours of your closest KIC Clic Mini and visit the services section to discover free streaming/reading offerings your library has available to you.

In addition to the new equipment, the library has also partnered with Preble County Public Health to offer free At-Home Rapid Response COVID-19 Testing Kits for pick-up at the Eaton Library (301 N. Barron) and the Library Administration Office (450 S. Barron). You must have access to a computer with microphone, webcam, and the Chrome web browser to use the test. Call the Eaton Library at (937) 456-4331 or the Library Office at (937) 456-4250 opt. 0 Monday through Friday and provide us with your first & last name, date of birth, and email address.

Submitted by Preble County District Library