Eaton City Council approves 2016 tax budget

EATON — Eaton City Council held a public hearing to approve the 2016 tax budget during its meeting on Monday, June 15.

The adoption of the budget is a formality, with the numbers currently being estimated. The 2016 budget contains less in the negative as compared to last year’s budget as well, according to officials.

The budget was passed unanimously by council.

They also approved resolution 15-26, which allows the city to fill out an application to submit for wastewater improvements to the wastewater plant.

Resolution 15-24, which sets up a 436 Capital Fund for grants and donations dedicated to the community pool was also approved. The pool has recently acquired grants and donations for a project and the city set up the fund so these donations had a dedicated line and were easy to track.

The last resolution passed was 15-25, which council adopted the feasibility study done on the consolidation of the dispatch centers. The resolution simply states the study was completed and allows it to be used as a tool in the discussion of other county-wide communication centers in the future.

Council also discussed that a meeting has been set up on June 30 to begin discussion on the Baron Street paving project. No future details have been determined.

The city has also begun resurfacing the streets of Amelia, Frederick, Evergreen, Elmwood, Woodale, and Apple. The projects are expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Lastly, Neaton Auto Products dedicated 30 sequoia cherry trees to the city in honor of being in Eaton for 30 years. The trees were planted in Seven Mile Park.