PSBOE discusses potentail changes for credit recovery program

CAMDEN — The Preble Shawnee Board of Education discussed a potential new program to offer students in need of credit recovery during its regular meeting on Thursday, June 25.

Amid issues with the Preble County Educational Services (ESC), Shawnee is looking at other options. During the meeting, Senior/Junior High Principal Diana Whitis and Assistant Principal Roger Ellis presented a new courseware program called PLATO to the board.

The program will help students in need of credit recovery. It also allows the school to separate students who have disciplinary issues and offers one-on-one programs while keeping them inside the school.

PLATO also offers other assets to teachers in other programs throughout the school as well. It also holds potential for a summer school program where Shawnee can hire their own teacher and do the three week program at the school instead of sending students elsewhere.

Whitis said that sending a student to ESC can cost between $45 to $50 dollars per day. The PLATO system allows teachers to use the school’s grading scale and will allow them to better monitor the student and their progress.

Plus, it puts students closer to home and with familiar teachers and surroundings. The move has the potential to save the school money as well, said Whitis.

The program, for one year, cost $9,076. If the school opts for a three-year contract, it costs $22,800 – or $7,600 per year. The school is allowed to pay in increments for the three-year deal.

PLATO will also send in someone to train the teachers.

The board did not make a decision on the program and tabled the issue until the July meeting. They requested Whitis and Ellis to look into funding options for the program and present their findings at the next meeting.

Also during the meeting, the board approved student fees for the 2015-2016 school year. Pre-School will be $10, kindergarten will be $49.37, 1st and 2nd grades will be $36.87, 3rd grade will be $40.13, 4th grade will be $50, 5th grade will be $53, and 6th grade will be $60.

Along with student fees, they voted on one-year contracts for a 7-12 integrated math teacher and a district band director for grades 5-12 and an amendment to the contract of a one-on-one student aide to change to a classroom aide. They also accepted the resignation of the junior varsity soccer coach as well as one year supplemental contracts for 11 employees.

These items, along with the fees for the 7-12 grade, the triangle therapy service contract, the school lunch program, and the textbook adoption, were passed with a 3-2 vote by the board.

Board members Charlie Biggs and Tom Crumbaker were the two opposing votes.

The board also voted on the approval of the financial report; renewal of insurance policies of property, fleet, violence and liability with the Ohio School Plan at a premium of $45,710; the Then and Now purchase order to Koorsen Fire and Safety for $4,737.95; and the purchase of two copiers for West Elkton Intermediate and Preble Shawnee Junior/Senior high for $24,450. The accepted the donation from Karen Cottingim of $500 for the Ed Cottingim Memorial Scholarship.

These items were approved 4-1, with Biggs being the only opposing vote.

The last item discussed by the board was to move the time of their meetings from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. The time change passed 5-0.

Shawnee holds their board meetings on the third Thursday of every month, now at 6 p.m., at the Board of Education office located at 124 Bloomfield Street in Camden.