PCBDD thanks Direct Support Professionals

Sept. 12-18 is Direct Support Professionals Week

Submitted by Preble County Board of Developmental Disabilities

In honor of the 2021 Direct Support Professionals Week, Sept. 12-18, the Preble County Board of Developmental Disabilities would like to thank you for upholding the field of direct support. Many thanks for being there for people who need you to be there every day. Our hats are off to you, not only do we recognize you, but many in our community are beginning to see the need to value you for the dedication of your work. The community’s value of each of you has come a long way, although change is a constant in what you do. Your role is ever changing, to meet the needs of those you choose to serve. We see you!

Each of you deserve to have bragging rights, because you are truly the frontline. A DSP is not only a title that stands for Direct Support Professional, but an acronym for “Developing Special People.” You truly do develop those you serve by helping them be confident, speak up, and to advocate for themselves.

There are times when you are a counselor, a therapist, or just the voice of reason. You take on the role to serve and protect without giving it a second thought. Sometimes you have to put on the hat of a doctor, so you can observe, sometimes examine, and more times than not, make recommendations. The many hats you wear do not always appear to the naked eye, but we see you.

Your main objective is customer service, but your duties are that of a teacher, due to the attentiveness you give to those you serve. Sometimes, you find yourself the student, because those you serve give you a different view. This makes you an awesome person, because you understand that being a DSP is a work in progress. All that you do in a day, or night, is in conjunction to empower individuals and ensure their participation and inclusion in everyday life.

Your passion is evident. Your dedication to the individuals you serve, is beyond measure. Your abilities to encourage another person to learn and grow as a self-advocating individual, we clearly have seen by the lives you change every day. All this, while remaining impartial, so that the individuals you serve can make decisions and learn to take ownership of their decisions.

You become an advocate, a true advocate. The definition of an advocate is someone who gains nothing outwardly other than to encourage, protect, and empower other people. An advocate is the voice for those who do not have or have not found their voice. We see you!

You provide the path of choice and use your skills to build relationships, that in turn foster partnerships which allows the individuals to be an active community member just like every everyone else.

A DSP is selfless, compassionate, a golden heart, practical, but most of all, a DSP is ethical. Your work ethic and how you conduct yourself in the course of the work you do reflects how the world is changed by you.

Thank you for all you do!

Sept. 12-18 is Direct Support Professionals Week

Submitted by Preble County Board of Developmental Disabilities