2021 General Election Hub

Welcome to The Register-Herald’s 2021 General Election hub. On this page, you will find links to candidate profiles for candidates in contested races and the list of issues/questions on the upcoming ballot.

Profiles were sent to candidates in contested races in early September, with a return date of Wednesday, Sept. 29. If a candidate is not among the profiles, it means they did not respond to our our request to submit a profile, or did not return it before the deadline.

The following races are contested and feature candidate profiles:

Judge of Municipal Court (one opening): Erica J. Gordon, H. Steven Hobbs, Edmund H. Kalil – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47895/2021-election-judge-of-eaton-municipal-court.

Member of Council – Village of New Paris (four openings): John C. Arthur, Peggy Bishop, Jean Brower, Luther L. Conway, Morton Maish, Norman Smith, Jessica Updegraff – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47889/2021-election-new-paris-village-council.

Mayor – Village of West Alexandria (one opening): Jeff D. Ticket, Ray Waldeck – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47891/2021-election-west-alex-mayor.

Township Trustee – Gasper (two openings): Richard Coggeshall, James Gambrell, Wade Guthrie – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47921/2021-election-gasper-township-trustee.

Township Trustee – Harrison (two openings): Gregory Burns, Brady D. Creech, Ric G. Prater, Paul Williams – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47919/2021-election-harrison-township-trustees.

Township Trustee – Israel (two openings): Matthew R. Nixon, Donald E. White, Jr., Seth O. Wright – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47915/2021-election-israel-township-trustees.

Township Trustee – Somers (two openings): Jeffrey C. Brandenburg, Andrew Groh, David L. Shull, Jr. – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47907/2021-election-somers-township-trustees.

Township Trustee – Washington (two openings): Rodger B. Clark, Glen C. Smith, Keith L. Smith – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47911/2021-election-washington-township-trustees.

Member of Board of Education – Eaton (three openings): Eric J. Beeghly, Bryan Deacon, Tyra Douglas, Lisa T. Noble, Samuel C. Stuart – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47905/2021-election-eaton-community-schools-board-of-education.

Member of Board of Education – National Trail (three openings): David Harris, Cynthia E. Lee, Gary L. Moore, Cari Vonderhaar – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47902/2021-election-national-trail-local-schools-board-of-education.

Member of Board of Education – Preble Shawnee (three openings): David Akers, Nicholas Duskey, Benjamin Jones, Julia Singleton, Lisa Tuttle-Huff – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47900/2021-election-preble-shawnee-board-of-education.

Member of Board of Education – Tri-County North (two openings): Clint Baughman, Gene Moyer, Bryan C. Wagoner – https://www.registerherald.com/news/47898/2021-election-tri-county-north-board-of-education.

The following races in the 2021 general election are uncontested, therefore candidate packets were not sent out:


Member of Council – City of Eaton (three openings): Christopher J. Carr, Brad R. Moore, Matthew S. Venable.

Member of Council – Village of Camden (four openings): Kelly Doran, Katie Duskey, Debbie Hickman, Toni Keesler.

Member of Council – Village of Eldorado (four openings): Robert Brunk, Teresa Freeman, Evelyn Lam, Christopher Miller.

Member of Board of Public Affairs – Village of Eldorado (one opening): Helen M. Roberts.

Mayor – Village of Gratis (one opening): Frank E. Davis, III (write-in).

Member of Council – Village of Gratis (four openings): Shelley Dougherty, Kathy H. Lewis, John Million, Michael Vance.

Member of Council – Village of Lewisburg (four openings): Barbara Foster, Lori J. Pheanis, Dennis M. Roberts, Jeffery Woodworth.

Member of Board of Public Affairs – Village of New Paris (one opening): No candidates filed.

Member of Council – Village of Verona (four openings): James A. Dempsey, Jr.

Member of Board of Public Affairs – Village of Verona (one opening): No candidates filed.

Member of Council – Village of West Alexandria (four openings): Geoffrey Justice, Candace R. Moore, Holly A. Robbins, Dan Utsinger.

Member of Council – Village of West Elkton (four openings): No candidates filed.

Member of Council – Village of West Manchester (four openings): Teresa Ann Long.

Member of Board of Public Affairs – Village of West Manchester (one opening): No candidates filed.


Township Trustee – Dixon (two openings): Michael Henning, Walter G. White.

Township Trustee – Gratis (two openings): Jeff Lynch, Greg Thompson.

Township Trustee – Jackson (two openings): Dean Petry, Joshua Ruebush.

Township Trustee – Jefferson (two openings): Paul Brehm, David J. McDermitt.

Township Trustee – Lanier (two openings): Austin M. Cole, Bruce E. Cunningham.

Township Trustee – Monroe (two openings): Douglas D. Fark, Kevin R. Glander.

Township Fiscal Officer – Monroe (one opening): Mary Ann Frank.

Township Trustee – Twin (two openings): Roger Brunk, Donnie Jones.

School Boards

Member of Governing Board of Education Service Center – Preble (three openings): Peggy Crabtree, Ashley Garnett.

Member of Board of Education – Twin Valley (three openings): Jason DeLong, Michael Scott Randolph, Trisha B. Werts.

Other races appearing on the ballot for some county residents include the Montgomery County Educational Service Center and school boards for Brookville, College Corner, Edgewood, Talawanda and Valley View.

For a full list of issues/questions on the ballot, visit https://www.boe.ohio.gov/preble/election-info/.


R-H Staff