PC Auditor presents October financial report

R-H Staff

EATON — Preble County Auditor Lavon Wright recently released her monthly financial report for the month ending Oct. 31.

According to the report, during the month of October, General Fund receipts totaled $999.561.29.

Sales tax revenue for October totaled $566,661.80 from August sales. Local taxation came in at $69,442.46. Charges for services came in at $116,126.72, interest at $28,567.63, fines and forfeitures at $3,533.43 and the casino tax revenue at $153,456.65.

The one-mill conveyance receipts totaled $22,748.70 and expenditures for the month were $44,000.

According to Wright, October General Fund disbursements totaled $$1,524,575.62. Salaries, Public Employee Retirement System and Medicare disbursements for October were $1,011,762.63 (for three payroll periods.) Transfers for the month went to Job and Family Services ($35,355 and $37,122.48) and Tax Map ($67,727.59.)

Total expenditures included supplies ($39,221.72,) health insurance ($85,798.54,) contract services ($167,793.01,) utilities ($12,075.88,) and training/travel/advertising/printing and other expenses ($25,468.78.)

According to Wright, the county’s General Fund began 2021 with a cash balance of $6,770,010.07 and ended October with $8,499,911.04.

Compared to 2020, according to the report, General Fund receipts for October were up $59,423.82, with sales tax up by $10,045.76, charges for services up by $19,574.78 and interest up $4,818.09. Expenditures exceeded 2020 by $433,120.85, with supplies up by $10,740.66, contracted services up by $14,779.78, contracted services down by $27,147.95 and equipment up by $23,630.88.

R-H Staff