Lewisburg discusses new ordinances

By Callista Kisling - [email protected]

LEWISBURG — Lewisburg Village Council met on Thursday, June 2, to discuss new ordinances and other items for the village.

Council held readings for three legal items. The first was to add a new ordnance to the property maintenance code titled “Outside Parking and Storage Public Nuisances.” During discussion about this ordinance, it was suggested by Mayor Marsha Jones the amount of time a recreational vehicle could be parked on the street should be changed from one hour to 24 hours.

This suggestion sparked additional discussion among council members. Some gave their opinion on the topic but most agreed it should be more than one hour. The issue of whether the vehicle impedes traffic was discussed. According to village officials, this ordinance cannot affect other previous ordinances already in place. This is the second reading of the ordinance by council and has yet to be voted on.

Another ordinance discussed would change the direction of Twin Street in the village, from west to east currently, to east to west. Council intends to put the proper signage up to inform the public of the new direction of the street and would like to see the change made before Derby Days in August.

Fire Chief BJ Sewert recommended Samuel Thompson for the part-time paramedic program and council accepted the recommendation.

Lewisburg was awarded $55,000 for work on Western Avenue and the surrounding block. It was previously completed with a paving project but council has been working to put in a sidewalk. This work was done to prepare for the new brewery coming sometime this winter.

Council has also been notified a grant application submitted for improvements to the village’s south wastewater treatment plant has been approved for a $500,000 grant and $1 million, zero percent interest, 30-year loan. Village officials will speak with engineers to see what work can be done to improve the plant.

During a safety report, council discussed its appreciation for Cargill for the Cargill Cares program recently purchasing items for the new firetruck. Chief Sewert also told council about a Miami Valley Career Technology Center student who created a roof simulator to train the fire/emergency unit responders. According to Chief Sewert, the student thought of this idea after seeing information about it at school. The student contacted him and asked to create it and test it on his team. Chief Sewert is still working with the students to create a demonstration of the roof simulator for the council.

Brown Memorial Public Library in Lewisburg is still continuing with its summer reading program. The library has a lot of activities planned over the summer. One activity on Tuesday, July 12, is “Medicare 101.” This is for people who already are on Medicare and have questions about the program, or for anyone who is not yet and would like to learn more.

On Aug. 4, an author from Dayton will be coming to speak to the community.

The park committee has been working on creating fun activities to get residents of Lewisburg outside and into the park. One idea was to have camping in the park and a food truck day this fall where families can come to the park and camp over the weekend and enjoy delicious food. The date is still to be determined.

Before the meeting adjourned, council was reminded the next meeting will be held at the firehouse at the regular time, 7 p.m., on Thursday, June 16.

By Callista Kisling

[email protected]

Reach Callista Kisling at 937-683-4056.

Reach Callista Kisling at 937-683-4056.