Oxford Police Reports

By R-H Staff

OXFORD — The Oxford Police Division reported the following incident reports were filed in the past week:

April 25

Residents at 117 W. Church Street were warned to clean up the litter problem on their front and side yards. Approximately one hour later, the litter remained but no resident was able to be raised. Another officer visited the house later to issue the citation.

Property manager reported damage to pool fence and theft of pool chairs at 909 Arrowhead Drive.

A man reported he lost his library card and it was later used to check out without his knowledge items which were never returned, resulting in a debt collection agency attempting to recover the fine amount.

Officer responded to 315 S. Locust, Apt. 4, on a report of a stolen backpack.

Female reported bike missing from 401 N. Campus Ave.

McCullough-Hyde Hospital reported a man has been calling and harassing medical account managers.

Victim at 4403 Kehr Road, stated someone had entered his home through a window and stole one prescription bottle and approximately $25 in change.

Officer responded to 5201 College Corner Pike, #224, to meet with the victim of a theft which occurred 6 days prior.

April 26

Subject was taken to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital after being found passed out next to 15 South Beech Street due to his intoxication level.

While investigating a two-car crash I observed drug paraphernalia in plain sight in one of the vehicles involved.

Female reported someone entered her car during the night at 338 N. Locust Street and rummaged through it and removed items from the glove box.

Female at 505 N. Beech Street reported damage to her car sometime overnight.

Officer met at the Oxford Police Department with victim in reference to his identity being used without his permission or knowledge.

Victim at 111 E. High Street reported theft of his tablet computer, as well as the cover that was attached to it.

Officer spoke with victim of a car break-in at 111 E. High Street, who had a few items stolen out of an unlocked vehicle during the overnight hours.

Victim came to the Oxford Police Department to report that two accounts had been opened in his name with his knowledge or permission.

Trotwood Police Officer reported a skimmed credit card was used at Kroger.

Property owner of 208 University Avenue reported garage door damaged over the weekend at a rental property.

Male victim reported an unknown person stole items from his vehicle.

April 27

Subject found in stall of Brickstreet Bar restroom while intoxicated and under the age of 21.

A defendant operated a motor vehicle while under the influence.

Complainant reported his gas tank on his truck appeared to have a had a hole drilled in it, causing gas to leak.

Officer dispatched to 218 N. Campus Ave. on a report of a theft of a license plate.

A female reported several unauthorized online charges made on her debit card.

A female reported a male harassing her via text messages.

April 28

A subject was found passed out on the curb in East Park while intoxicated.

Officer met with an Oxford account being opened with a bank using his personal information that the complainant had no affiliation with.

April 29

Responded to Walmart on a report of a theft in progress.

Complainant reported a rear license plate was stolen off her mother’s vehicle while it was parked at her residence.

The image of a phallic symbol was scratched into the victim’s trunk located at 220 E. Withrow St.

Female victim had the rear license plat stolen from her 2015 Jeep Renegade.

Noise violation at 302 Bishop Street.

April 30

A Jimmy John’s driver reported assault by a fellow employee.

A male was cited for disorderly conduct after an officer located him urinating in public.

A male was cited for a noise violation at 201 E. Vine Street.

A male was cited for a noise violation at 16 E. Collins Street.

Subject at 317 W. Vine Street was arrested for disorderly conduct during a domestic violence call. After subject’s arrest she was found to be in possession of a crystal meth pipe, other drug paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana.

Subject was issued a summons for allowing litter to remain at 215 S. Poplar Street.

Subject was issued a summons for allowing litter to remain at 211 S. Poplar Street.

Defendant at 36 E. High Street had consumed alcoholic beverages and is 19 years of age.

While doing a bar check at The Woods, officer arrested a male for sales to and use by underage persons.

Officer was dispatched to a report of criminal damaging which had recently occurred at 325 E. Sycamore Street.

May 1

Subject reported damage to railing on the steps at 101 N. Main Street, Oxford Presbyterian Church.

Maintenance reported damage to a window and four condensing units at 205 E. Vine Street.

Complainant reported an unknown person smashed his rear window with a stick during the nighttime hours at 101 E. Walnut Street.

Complainant reported someone stole his credit card information and made purchases.

Victim at 5201 College Corner Pike, Apt. 244, gave $650 to a subject who did not meet a verbal agreement.

By R-H Staff