Preble Shawnee introduces ARROWS

By Nathan Hoskins - [email protected]

CAMDEN — The Preble Shawnee District Leadership Team met with the PS Board of Education on Thursday, Oct. 13, to discuss newly planned strategic themes and a three-year-goals plan.

Superintendent Todd Bowling began with a presentation to explain the new 2022-2024 strategic plan for Preble Shawnee, and what the goals of said plan will be.

“We started last year with reviewing the purpose of our intended outcomes. We worked with the Preble County ESC, a particularly caring neighbor who led our district through a process. We involved all stakeholders in this process, consistent parents, community members, staff, students, and our administrative team did individual interviews with board members also,” said Bowling.

Bowling announced a new school mission statement has been included as part of the strategic themes developed by the administration. “Preble Shawnee Local School District is committed to building trusting partnerships with all members of our community. We aim to prepare all learners by providing high quality, future-ready educational experiences that empowers and inspires them to realize their full potential.”

Bowling stated the Preble Shawnee Local School District intends to develop a “trusting” relationship with its community, a goal set by listening to input from parents and students alike, according to the superintendent.

“Our current core values that we got from those who were surveyed and came to give us input, is to be collaborative, have trustworthy relationships — that goes from a teacher calling a parent to talk about their child, to a student talking to a teacher about their grades in class; from myself having conversations in the community, a local restaurant or PTA or Booster meeting, or us sitting here at a board meeting talking to our community,” he said.

“(We will) provide academic excellence for our students, the ability for a student to get a good education. But also avenues for different interests. If they want to go straight into the work force, we will be preparing them for that. Are we providing any opportunity they want for them to be successful?” asked Bowling.

As for the strategic themes developed by the administrative team, Bowling said Preble Shawnee will aim to strengthen student-teacher relationships, maintain a family-feel, work to communicate with families, and always provide safety. In addition, Preble Shawnee intends to increase student clubs and activities, provide readiness for college, and use technology to prepare its student body for “life after high school.”

“So, with this, we came up with ARROWS. A stands for academic achievement and innovation. The first R stands for relationship building with all shareholders. The second R stands for readiness for life after high school. The O stands for operational safety, security and stewardship. The W stands for wellness support for students and staff. And the S stands for student opportunities beyond the class room,” Bowling said.

Bowling added, the goal of the updated plan is to give students more learning opportunities, aside from simply listening to teachers lecture. The ARROWS plan will take effect for three years, starting in 2022. Currently, the ARROWS plan is still in its early form, and will be introduced to Preble Shawnee staff and community in full-form shortly.

In other business:

• The board approved a $20,000.00 donation from the Preble Shawnee Athletics Boosters for gym flooring and weight room improvements, as well as a donation of $3,280 to the Beau Singleton Scholarship from Melissa Richards and a donation of $250 to the Jill Taylor Memorial Scholarship from Alice Bradshaw, Roy & Cathy Howell, and Tim & Lena Fritsche. Board members expressed their abundant gratitude to the donors.

• Bowling discussed with the board the potential of supporting a movement to schedule the 2024 Preble County Fair to begin Aug. 6. and end on Aug. 10, as to provide students the opportunity to participate in both the county fair and the State Fair.

The Preble Shawnee Board of Education meeting is a public meeting, held at the Preble Shawnee high school located at 5495 Somers-Gratis Road, the second Thursday of the month at 6 p.m.

By Nathan Hoskins

[email protected]

Reach Nathan Hoskins at 937-683-4057 and follow on Twitter @NathanHoskins13

Reach Nathan Hoskins at 937-683-4057 and follow on Twitter @NathanHoskins13