Commissioners consider health fair for 2023

By Nathan Hoskins - [email protected]

EATON — Preble County Commissioners held their quarterly meeting with the county’s Benefits Coordinator, Jorene Pratt, as well as discussed appointment decisions regarding the Preble County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) on Monday, Nov. 28.

In an effort to bring awareness to both mental health and general well-being, Pratt informed the board neighboring counties to Preble have been hosting health fairs in the spring.

“Basically a day, four-to-six hours, depending on your community and the response that you get — it is for county employees but also their covered families. It’s giveaways, and weirder things you wouldn’t normally connect with well-being. Tickets to the zoo, tickets to water parks, King’s Island, things that are family friendly. Grills and air fryers, those kinds of things,” Pratt explained.

“Classes at the art center. I don’t know who’s aware, but the art center even does like first responder and front line — they do free classes for them, just to help them de-stress in an artful way. So, overall well-being, things you might not think about.”

Pratt went on to explain, at these health fairs are representatives of “each kind of wellness.” Pratt envisions holding a health fair in Preble County, preferably at Bruner Arena at the Preble County Fairgrounds.

Invited to such an event would be chiropractors, doctors, healthcare professionals, as well as yoga instructors, personal trainers and representatives of local gyms, according to Pratt.

Pratt added, in conjunction with the health fair would be an opportunity to do free bio-metric screenings for new hires within the county, for individuals who might have been employed after the date of previous screenings.

No decision was made during the meeting, but the board will consider the potential of hosting health fair in the future.

The board also reviewed a submitted resolution from the Preble County CVB regarding the renewal of board member appointments, as well as filling empty seats within the CVB and adjusting their bylaws.

Commissioner Adam Craft declined to vote in favor of the resolution, requesting there first be an amendment to its language which would see potential board members requesting a letter of recommendation from their nearest village council before being appointed a seat.

According to Craft, current CVB appointments are measured by school district, whereas villages have requested more involvement in the process. Craft added certain members of the CVB board would be exempt from this requirement due to their particular involvement in the county, such as members of the press and the Preble County Historical Society.

Commissioner Rachael Vonderhaar stated her willingness to move forward with the existing resolution, however the board voted to table the decision until their next meeting, to give time for any amendments to the resolution.

In other business:

•Commissioners received and approved Resolution #548-22-201, authorization to enter into a subsidy agreement with ORDC and Norfolk Southern Railway, and also approved Resolution #549-22-201, entering into two agreements with ORDC and Norfolk Southern Railway. Both resolutions are mandatory as part of the ongoing contract with Norfolk Southern.

•Commissioners also received notification from the Preble County Health Department of the release of employment of Ronnie Jackson, and of new hires, Abigail Weireter and Stephen Pratt.

By Nathan Hoskins

[email protected]

Reach Nathan Hoskins at 937-683-4057.

Reach Nathan Hoskins at 937-683-4057.