National Trail Letters to Santa

Sara Hallstein’s 2nd Grade

Dear Santa,

How are you doin I hope that you can make a very special scout elf. Also santa when it is Christmas eve reindeer. Well santa I will see you on Christmas

Love, Sawyer Bellamy.

Dear Santa,

I rilly want a letter from and I rilly want it. I also want a IPad and a umbrella. Think you santa if you get me it.

From, Peyton Buckier.

Dear Santa,

Do you have presits for us. Can I have a now on rasrss. Ha Do you mock presis. What do you do win you rae wating? Ho are you doing?

Love, Ari

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a Science Kit, Magnet blocks, and walkie-talkies pleese

From, Logan D.

Dear Santa,

I want a skateboard. I want a umbrella. I want a helmet. Are yu.

From, Savannah Denny.

Dear Santa,

I want a some boojul and the new pokemon gamer.

From, Wesley.

Dear Santa,

I want Fidgets for Christmas. I want a wubble Bubble ball too. Also I want clothes too. Also, I want a IPhone. Also I want a new bike. Finally I want a elf. Have a good day

From, Kali.

Dear Santa,

I want a Barbie Dream House I Love You Santa. Sparkles is doing goon. She spelled my name with cereal.

From, Hunter Tout.

Dear Santa,

I want Baby alive stuff. I Need more shoes. How many reindeer do you have? I hope you have a great day


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Is it going well? this is want for Christmas. A toy toaster. A toy coffee maker. Some baby stuff. A baby doll.

Love, Harper Schrodi.

Dear Santa,

I want a PS5 a iPhone a new Nintendo a palloe and Lots of books a TV and a chair. I love Santa

Love, Zaiden Staud.

Dear Santa,

How are you doing Santa. I wish for a new bike. I wish for a hamster. I wish for new Pokemon cards. I wish for a new Nintendo switch. I wish for a phone. Haf a good day Santa.

Love, Hunters.

Dear Santa,

I love Christmas I want any thing u can.

Love, Gabby

Dear Santaa,

Are your reindeer. How are you? If I ready for your arrival. New you are so jolly man. How is Rudolph? How is Dancer?

Love, Josie.