Fair board backs JFB plan for poultry

On Thursday, July 2, Preble County Senior Fair Board members voted to back the Junior Fair Board’s plan for this year’s poultry show.

Senior Fair Board members voted 11-0, (4-H Extension Agent Christy Millhouse abstained) to accept the Junior Fair Board’s proposed plan, as presented in a “notice to poultry exhibitors” in late June.

According to the notice, at a June 18 Senior Fair Board meeting, “opposition to allowing poultry exhibitors to sell through the livestock sale ring was expressed by members of the livestock sale committee and others.”

In response, the SFB tasked the Junior Fair Board “with revisiting the sale portion of the poultry plan.”

At the June 22, meeting of the Junior Fair Board the initial plan was revised to state:


“• All members with poultry projects have the opportunity to harvest birds on their own.

“• Members may not participate in the 2015 Preble County Junior Fair livestock sale.

“Poultry exhibitors who complete the following requirements are eligible to share in a ‘pot’ of money that will be solicited from past livestock sale buyers, local businesses, individuals or anyone else who wishes to contribute by an appointed Junior Fair Board committee. Funds raised will be evenly divided among those exhibitors who are eligible having met the requirements below. The money will be divided with each exhibitor receiving one share (not a share for each entry made.)

“The details of this process are still being determined.

“Members must meet these requirements:

“Raise a market pen or turkey as part of a 4-H or FFA project.

“Complete the project requirements as outlined by his or her junior fair organization

“Participate in Showmanship and Exhibit at the Preble County Fair

“Produce hatchery papers or other similar proof of ownership when DUNF’s are collected to verify that the birds were purchased by the member.

“Make a fair entry.”

According to the notice, “nothing changed with other parts of the plan other than the addition of the following information.


“Guidelines for Posters — Posters should be a tri-fold type display either purchased or made with sturdy cardboard. Displays need to be able to stand on their own.

“• Posters should contain the following:

“A picture of the exhibitor with project birds. One picture for each bird or pen of birds. An exhibitor should include the up to 2 fancy birds that were entered on his or her fair entry along with a market project(s), if applicable.

“Educational information about each bird pictured. This should include specific breed information as well as other information that the exhibitor feels is important.

“Exhibitor’s name, 4-H club or FFA chapter, and 4-H age clearly marked.

“Other suggestions for posters include: pictures of birds at different stages of development; general information about poultry, information about safe handling of poultry products, or information about the avian influenza.”

According to the plan, all exhibits will be judged without the exhibitors present, and awards will be presented in the same as categories as showmanship. (Judging will be based upon creativity, knowledge, best display of project, neatness and organization.”

During showmanship contests, replica birds will be used.

There will be a “Poultry Fun Day” on Tuesday, Aug. 4. Games and hands-on activities are being planned by the Junior Fair poultry committee and advisors.