Public safety: Eaton Police Division

EATON — The Eaton Police Division filed the following recent incident reports:

June 24

Animal complaint at Washington-Jackson Road and Park Avenue.

Theft reported at 538 N. Barron Street.

Theft reported at Marsh Supermarket, 223 Aukerman Street.

Burglary/breaking and entering reported at 305 Elmwood Drive.

June 25

Theft reported at 458 Park Avenue.

Animal complaint at 100 S. Beech Street.

Animal complaint at Taco Bell, 1305 N. Barron Street.

Disorderly conduct reported, arrest made at Lakengren Brothers, 121 E. St. Clair Street.

June 27

Noise complaint at 311 N. Maple Street.

Animal complaint at 406 Aukerman Street.

Drug offense reported, arrest made at 324 Village South Drive.

Property damage of natural or unknown cause reported at 1420 N. Maple Street.

June 28

Vehicle reported stolen at 319 Eaton-Lewisburg Road.

Criminal mischief or damaging reported at 600 N. Cherry Street.

Animal complaint at 126 E. High Street.

Animal complaint at Fuel Mart, 500 N. Barron Street.

Medication reported stolen at 100 Village South Drive.

Disorderly conduct, arrest made at 301 N. Barron Street.

June 29

Theft reported at 1236 N. Maple Street.

Disorderly conduct reported at 600 Park Avenue.

Disorderly conduct reported at 450 S. Franklin Street.

June 30

Animal complaint at 331 Frizzell Avenue.

Theft reported at 132 E. High Street.

Disorderly conduct reported at 212 Deem Street.

Theft reported at 808 S. Maple Street.

Theft reported at 311 Walnut Street, College Corner.

Vehicle reported stolen at Vancrest Health Care Center, 1600 Park Avenue.

July 1

Theft reported at 512 N. Cherry St.

Theft reported at the Gathering Place, 501 Nation Avenue.

Theft reported at Henny Penny Corporation, 1219 Richmond Pike.

Theft reported at Eaton Self Storage, 500 Frizzell Avenue.

Officers responded to an assault at East Lexington and North Barron Streets.

Criminal mischief or damaging reported at Neaton Auto Parts, 975 S. Franklin Street.

Theft reported at 208 W. Somers Street.

Motor vehicle theft reported at 108 Leatherman Drive.

Fireworks complaint 200 N. Cherry Street.

July 2

Burglary/breaking and entrering reported at 706 E. Somers Street.

Drug offense reported, arrest made at 700 Oakland Drive.

Burglary/breaking and entering reported at 121 W. Mechanic Street.

Theft reported at 120 W. Somers Street.

Animal complaint at 613 N. Cherry Street.

Criminal mischief or damaging reported at 128 W. Wadsworth Street.

Animal complaint reported at 420 Little League Drive.

Disorderly conduct reported at 212 Deem Street., Suite 4.

July 3

Noise complaint at 405 Liberty Street.

Disorderly conduct reported at Preble County Emergency Dept., 450 Washington-Jackson Road.

Animal complaint at Silfex, 950 S. Franklin Street.

Animal complaint at 100 E. Somers Street.

Fireworks complaint at 213 E. Israel Street.

July 4

Theft reported at 120 N. Beech Street.

Fireworks complaint at Debbie Drive/Theresa Circle.

Animal complaint made at the EPD office.

Fireworks complaint at Wayne Avenue/East Somers Street.

Criminal mischief/damaging reported at 813 Ashtree Drive.

Fireworks complaint at 119 West Spring Street.

Noise complaint at Division Street/Aukerman Street.

July 5

Drug offense reported at 727 E. Decatur St — two syringes located and removed.

Theft reported at Sinclair Tech Center, 311 N. Cherry Street.