Public safety: Oxford Police reports

OXFORD — The Oxford Division of Police filed the following recent incident reports:

Monday, Aug. 29 – Victim reported while his vehicle was parked in his driveway at 218 North College someone removed his front left tire and took it. Unknown suspect then left his vehicle sitting on a concrete landscape block that was removed from the front yard of his house.

Tuesday, Aug. 30 – A female took an unknown amount of prescription medication in an attempt to take her life.

Tuesday, Aug. 30 – Victim reported that someone entered his apartment while he was out for the evening and stole his PlayStation 4 gaming console and controllers.

Tuesday, Aug. 30 – Officers were called to 31 ½ E. High Street in reference to a vandalism call. Upon arrival, an upstairs bedroom window was found to be shattered.

Tuesday, Aug. 30 – Officers were called to Indian Trace Drive in reference to a theft report. Upon arrival officers were greeted by the victim who stated that her books were stolen from her door step before she got home.

Wednesday, Aug. 31 – Officer observed subject stumbling down the 0 block of Poplar St. After following the subject, he ran in a complete square where the officer made contact with him. He was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was underage. After searching him, the officer found a fake I.D. in his wallet. He was cited and transported to his residence at McFarland Hall.

Wednesday, Aug. 31 – A male Miami University student was arrested for attempting to enter Brick Street Bar after being denied entrance by staff. He was found to be intoxicated and underage. He was cited for a fictitious ID and liquor violations before being released back to dorm.

Wednesday, Aug. 31 – Police and Emergency Medical Services were dispatched to 310 E. Vine St. for an unconscious male. Upon arrival and after a brief investigation, a 19-year-old male was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and a liquor violation.

Wednesday, Aug. 31 – An officer met with the victim of a theft involving an unknown subject entering an unlocked vehicle and removing items from the vehicle. Personal documents and bank items were taken and have subsequently been cancelled by the victim. No suspect in mind or damage to vehicle.

Wednesday, Aug. 31 – An officer met with the victim of grand theft of a motor vehicle that occurred during the nighttime hours. The vehicle had no lien, missing keys, or suspected of impoundment for other improper action. No leads as to who stole the vehicle; however, video is still being gathered from area of theft occurrence.

Wednesday, Aug. 31 – Compliant reported that her sister’s live in boyfriend was kicked out of their apartment last Monday. Today they realized that cash that they had stashed in their home was stolen. They think the ex-boyfriend was responsible.

Thursday, Sept. . 1 – Officers were dispatched to an intoxicated male near the intersection of N. Poplar St. and E. Church St. Upon officer arrival, a brief investigation was conducted resulting in an 18 year old male being taken into custody for disorderly conduct and a liquor violation.

Thursday, Sept. . 1 – Subject was arrested on outstanding warrants through the Oxford Police Department and Butler County Sheriff’s Office. Subject was transferred to the custody of the Area 1 Court bailiffs and subsequently transported to the Butler County Jail.

Thursday, Sept. . 1 – A female reported a sexual assault that occurred within the city limits approximately six months prior.

Thursday, Sept. . 1 – Complainant came to the station to report that $1590.98 was stolen from complainant’s credit card. The card was used in Tempe and Phoenix Arizona. There were a total of 18 transactions. He was in Oxford at the time of the theft offenses.

Thursday, Sept. . 1 – Officers were dispatched to a vehicle crash involving a deer and a vehicle at the intersection of Brookville and Autumn. The deer was suffering from injuries and unable to movie. The deer was put down for humane purposes.

Friday, Sept. . 2 – An officer stopped a subject walking across E. High St. carrying a plastic cup. When observed he attempted to hide the cup under his shirt and then set it on the ground when he got to the sidewalk. Once identified, he turned out to be under the age of 21 and in possession of a fictitious driver’s license. He was taken into custody, issued court summons and later released.

Friday, Sept. . 2 – An officer observed a wanted subject inside Walmart, College Corner Pike. While speaking with the subject he tried to hide several items, including a vial of Methamphetamine on a sales shelf in the electronics department. Charges are pending a lab analysis of the substance.

Friday, Sept. . 2 – Male reported 5-6 people entered his house, picked up their friend that was staying with the male and left. While leaving, one of the suspects pushed the victim down and shattered his front door window with a vacuum cleaner.

Friday, Sept. . 2 – Victim reports that 16 Donald Trump political signs were stolen from two separate locations within the City of Oxford over the last two nights. There are no known suspects at this time.

Friday, Sept. . 2 – A male reported his apartment had been broken into while he was not home. $1000 in cash was stolen from the residence. Police processed the scene for evidence. There are no known suspects at this time.

Saturday, Sept. . 3 – While conducting a bar premise check at Brick Street Bar with the Oxford Fire Department, subject was arrested for possessing an alcoholic beverage while being under the age of twenty-one. Subject was issued a summons and released.

Saturday, Sept. . 3 – Male reported someone broke his rear window out of his car sometime during the night on Friday while parked in the driveway off the rear alley. There are no suspects at this time.

Saturday, Sept. . 3 – The victim’s vehicle had its rear license plate stolen during the overnight hours.

Saturday, Sept. . 3 – Male subject reported someone broke his windshield to his vehicle sometime over the last couple of days while parked in the rear lot of 400 E. Vine. It is unknown how the windshield was damaged. There are no suspects at this time.

Saturday, Sept. . 3 – A female Miami University student was transported to McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital after being found highly intoxicated and unable to care for herself in the Uptown area. She was cited with Disorderly Conduct and Sales to and Use by Underage Persons.

Saturday, Sept. . 3 – An officer responded to the area of Morning Sun Road concerning a report of a reckless operation of a motor vehicle. The report informed officer that a Chevy SUV was traveling towards Oxford and the driver may be intoxicated because the vehicle was reported driving off of the road several times. During the course of the investigation the driver of the vehicle was arrested for OVI, child endangerment, and several charges for driving under suspension.

Sunday, Sept. . 4 – Officers on foot patrol in the Uptown area observed a male urinating on a fence in the construction site in E. Park. The male was found to be intoxicated, under the age of 21, and possessing a fictitious driver’s license.

Sunday, Sept. . 4 – Police responded to a burglary on South Poplar Street and arrived shortly after the suspect had left. Officers were able to locate the suspect in the immediate area and take him in to custody. The residents of the apartment he broke into were not injured or harmed. The suspect is currently incarcerated at Butler County Jail at the time of this report.

Sunday, Sept. . 4 – A group of males were approached near the intersection of S. Poplar S. and E. Spring St. after they were observed pulling a stop sign from the ground. A foot pursuit ensued, resulting in two 18 year old males being taken into custody for numerous charges.

Sunday, Sept. . 4 – Male subject requested to be transported to Fort Hamilton Hospital for mental evaluation after calling 911 stating he had not been to sleep for approximately three days and was afraid he was a harm to himself and others around him. He was shortly after transported by police to Fort Hamilton for evaluation.

Sunday, Sept. . 4 – Two vehicles that were parked in the rear driveway of 223 N. Poplar St. each had one of their tires slashed.

Sunday, Sept. . 4 – Subject was arrested for underage possession of beer.

Sunday, Sept. . 4 – While at McCullough-Hyde Hospital a female reported a suspicious incident that occurred on Saturday, September 3rd, 2016. The female did not wish to give any statements at this time. It is unknown on the location of this incident or if any offense occurred at this time.

Sunday, Sept. . 4 – Female reported while she was at a party she believes she was drugged. She stated after drinking a few drinks from a beer can given to her by an unknown male she became sick and doesn’t recall anything after that moment. There are no suspects at this time.

Sunday, Sept. . 4 – Female was picked up from McCullough-Hyde and taken to Fort Hamilton for a pysch evaluation.

Sunday, Sept. . 4 – A sexual assault was reported and is currently under investigation.

Monday, Sept. . 5 – Officers were dispatched to the emergency room at the request of the mother of a 17-year-old male who called to report an assault that occurred near 36 E. High St.