Public records

Divorces & Dissolutions

Preble County Common Please Court

John Henry Little and Kelli Dawn Little petitioners, dissolution.

Scott Feltner and Betty Feltner petitioners, dissolution.

Benjamin Heath Zumbrun and Deana Ruth Zumbrun petitioners, dissolution.

Kelly J. Lamb and Nicholas E. Lamb petitioners, dissolution.

Steven Forrest King II and Amber Lynn King petitioners, dissolution.

Dusty Sizemore and Rinda Sizemore petitioners, dissolution.

Real estate transfers

Preble County Recorder

Jeanne Creech

Sharon Ann Miller to Charles Christopher Miller, lot 106, New Paris.

Charles Christopher Miller and Risa Jane Miller to Malikeya Khantrece, lot 106, New Paris.

Risa Jane Miller to Ronald E. Clemens, lot 106, New Paris.

Malikeya Khantrece to Ronald E. Clemens, lot 106, New Paris.

Terry L Orrill to Linda S. Orrill, lot 3320, Eaton.

Dennis Rapier and Brandy D. Rapier to Dennis Rapier and Brandy D. Rapier, lot 1840, Lakengren.

Joseph A. Sturgill and Connie S. Sturgill to Wilma Estes, lot 2120, Lakengren.

Joan J. Seibel Trustee and Merlin A. Seibel and Joan J. Seibel Trust to Joan J. Seibel, 158.912 acres, Harrison Township.

Joan J. Seibel to Larry D. Seibel, 158.912 acres, Harrison Township.

Andrew Minton to Ora Ashley and Barbara Ashley, lot 2198, Eaton.

Michael W. Kinzie and Wanda J. Kinzie to James L. Overbey and Kathryn A. Overbey, lot 138, Eaton.

Wells Fargo Financial Inc. and Wells Fargo National Bank to Joseph Moore and Maggie Moore, lots 65 and 26, Fairhaven.

National Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, JP Morgan Chase National Bank Trustee, Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc. and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Pennington Homes Inc., 3 acres, Twin Township.

Debra Olterman to Dan Roberts, lot 24, Morning Sun.

Lonnie Lewis to Barbara Lewis and Lonnie Lewis, lot 9, Heath.

Darrell G. Burnett and Janet L. Burnett to Kim L. McCabe Trustee, lot 244, Eaton.

Susan Marie Moore to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, lot 2008, Lakengren.

Brenda J. Miller to Brian K. Miller and Brenda J. Miller, lot 428, Eaton.

Patricia L. Lipps to Darryl Leyes and Teresa Leyes, 1.016 acres and .351 acres, Washington Township.

Heather J. James to Travis M. Turner, lot 2338, Eaton.

Douglas E. Romer Trustee to Douglas E. Romer, lot 1949 and 1948, Lakengren.

Peggy J. Garner to Metty M. Hill and Cody Hall, 1.162 acres, Gratis Township.

Kaja Holdings 2 LLC to BJ Home Services Inc., .465 acres and .189 acres, Twin Township.

BJ Home Services Inc. to Ingersoll Financial Midwest Land Trust, .465 acres and .189 acres, Twin Township.

Larry W. Colclasure and Carol Colclasure to Shirley Mackey, lot 533, Camden.

Linda Bishop to Jason G. Newman and Tammy L. Newman, 1.940 acres, Gratis Township.

Hans W. Woesner and Nina Woesner to Heather Futrell, lot 132, Eaton.

Holly A. Maddox to Deborah Harmon, lot 30, Lakengren.

Theodore H. Lybrook to Elizbeth I. Oroark, lot 2578, Eaton.

Dennis D. Fitzwater to Justin D. Fitzwater, 31. 463 acres and 1.257 acres, Harrison Township.

Dustin R. Barnhart and Kandra S. Barnhart to Brittant Lovett, lot 1096, Eaton.

Robert N. David Jr., Sheryl L. Dear and Harold Dear to Sean L. Dear, lot 824, Lewisburg.

Martha L. Pierson to Marshall A. Mullins, lot 75, West Elkton.

Wells Fargo National Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lot 1114, Eaton.

Denver Abner to Mary Ellen Abner, lots 2204 and 2205, Eaton.

Debra A. Pierson, Kristine L. Pierson, Jennifer M. Pierson, Jessica M. Pierson, and Kenneth G. Craiger to Martha L. Pierson, lots 52 and 53, West Elkton.

Joseph L. Pierson and Jeanne Mae Pierson to Martha L. Pierson, lots 52 and 53, West Elkton.

Walter H. Norton and Etta R. Norton to Anthony S. King Trustee and Norton Family Preservation Trust, lots 1196 and 1197, Eaton.

Kim L. McCabe Trustee and Living Trust of Kim L. McCabe to Mark L. Allen, lot 2149, Lakengren.

Barry S. Koffer and Katelyn D. Koffer to Batholomew E. Bischoff, 1.283 acres, Twin Township.