Public safety: Oxford Police reports

OXFORD —The Oxford Police Division filed the following recent incident reports:

Monday, Oct. 10 – The victim reported his wallet and car keys were stolen while he was participating in a school function at a local church.

Monday, Oct. 10 – The victim reported a UPS package was stolen after it was delivered to her residence. The package contained a wallet and money.

Monday, Oct. 10 – A female victim wished to report an ex-boyfriend touched her during unwanted sexual advances and refused to leave her home.

Tuesday, Oct. 11 – A vehicle parked on E. Walnut had its front windshield broken by an unknown suspect between 2130 and 0205 am.

Tuesday, Oct. 11 – An unknown subject smashed the rear window of a parked car sometime between 1700 when the owner parked it, and 0230 when it was discovered by officers.

Tuesday, Oct. 11 – Complainant parked her vehicle overnight in public parking garage. When she returned the next day, she noticed that her parking garage gate opener was missing from inside her vehicle.

Tuesday, Oct. 11 – Complainant parked his vehicle overnight inside the parking garage in her rented parking space. When she returned, items were taken from inside the vehicle. Her car doors were unlocked.

Tuesday, Oct. 11 – Complainant parked his vehicle in the designated parking lot overnight. When he returned to it days later, he observed his passenger side rear cargo compartment window broken.

Tuesday, Oct. 11 – A female reported a sexual assault that occurred in the City of Oxford in the last 10 days. A detective was brought in to interview the victim and an investigation has been initiated into the allegations.

Tuesday, Oct. 11 – A resident reported damage to the aluminum siding of her house.

Wednesday, Oct. 12 – Am underage subject was transported to the hospital due to her intoxication level. While at the hospital, she became combative and disruptive to patient care. She was eventually transported to BCJ.

Wednesday, Oct. 12 – A female entered the Kroger located at 300 S. Locust and stole a package of sushi from the sushi stand. When the female exited the store, she was confronted by the sushi chef, who was able to take a picture of her license plate. The female was identified and arrested for theft.

Wednesday, Oct. 12 – Victim reported her car stereo was taken from her locked vehicle overnight while the vehicle was parked in her driveway. There are no suspects at this time.

Thursday, Oct. 13 – A rape kit was picked up at McCullough Hyde Hospital ER and placed in evidence. The victim did not wish to file a police report.

Thursday, Oct. 13 – An altercation occurred on West Spring Street that resulted in a vehicle being damaged. The suspect fled the area on foot before officers arrived. No arrests have been made at this

Friday, Oct. 14 – A male reported his wife left with their 2 children months ago. He now has a court order for full custody of the children, but the mother has not been served the paperwork. The complainant has not spoke to or seen his wife since May of this year. The whereabouts of her and her children are unknown at this time.

Friday, Oct. 14 – Resident reported an acquaintance of his landlord entered his residence when he was not home.

Friday, Oct. 14 – Responded to Walmart at 5720 College Corner Pike for a report of two shoplifters stopped by Loss Prevention. Two females were arrested for Petty Theft.

Saturday, Oct. 15 – While patrolling in the area of 0 Block N. Main St. officer heard multiple shots fired coming from Lot 52. Multiple 9 mm round shell casings were found in the lot. Unknown suspect at this time.

Saturday, Oct. 15 – Responded to Walmart at 5720 College Corner Pike for a report of a shoplifter stopped by loss prevention. Male was arrested for Petty Theft.

Sunday, Oct. 16 – During a response to a call for suspicious persons, and a male was discovered with warrants for his arrest. During a search incident to arrest, drug abuse instruments were discovered in his control.

Sunday, Oct. 16 – Responded to an area of 300 block S. Main St. for a report of a male passed out in the driver seat of a vehicle. Male was arrested for Physical Control of a Vehicle while Under Influence and Marijuana Paraphernalia.

Sunday, Oct. 16 – Victim reported sometime overnight his bicycle was taken, He stated it was locked to the railing in the breeze way by his apartment at Hawks Landing, 5262 Brown Road, Oxford Ohio.