NTFFA holds lock-in

By Kerstian Casteel - NT-MVCTC Reporter

NEW PARIS — On Sept.4- 5, the National Trail MVCTC FFA chapter hosted it’s 2nd Annual Greenhand Lock-in. The Greenhand Lock-in is a way for our first year members to get to know each other, learn about the activities we do in FFA, and learn about our chapter.

Members stayed the night playing games, learning leadership skills, and learning to communicate with not each other.

In addition to the Greenhand members we had our chapter officers and state FFA officers.

Members who participated in the Greenhand Lock-in included: Matt Allen, Jacob Alvey, Jesse Biser, Josh Bishop, Michael Bowerman, Logan Bowers, Logan Brooks, Lily Carpenter, Cade Carter, Teresa Creech, Austin Fox, Sam Gabbard, Jacob Gardner, Cheyenne Gillet, Bobbi Grimes, Ellie Hall, Sammy Hawkins, Brooks Henning, Lane Hurd, Daniel Jennings, Grace Jones, Kaitlin Jones, Rachel Kimball, Chloe Kisling, Haley Krass, Hunter Lindsey, Hunter Michael, Deseray Miles, Hunter Miller, Kayleigh Minner, Derek Nugent, Mallory Nugent, Devin Oswald, Zach Page, Kirstin Pease, Kolten Rike, Stetson Rowe, Tabitha Shepherd, Evynn Short, Miranda Snowden, Quintin, Natalie Steele, Valerie Stevens, Lexi Stiner, Collin Tedder, Daniel Tiery, Blake Vanwinkle, Miles Wallen, Justin Watts, Colton Worth, Cole Yount, Dawson Ward, Blake Langley, Ty Baker, and Sam Templin.

Guests for the evening were Ohio FFA President, Matthew Klopfenstein and Ryan Goddard, Ohio FFA Vice-President-at-large. The state officers as well as chapter officers planned and participated in leadership and communication activities at the lock-in.

We appreciate all the help that was given at the lock-in. We’re excited to see what our Greenhands can do!

By Kerstian Casteel

NT-MVCTC Reporter

Kerstian is a student reporter representing National Trail FFA.

Kerstian is a student reporter representing National Trail FFA.