Preble Shawnee FFA attends 212/360 Ohio Leadership Conference

Submitted by Megan Roell - Preble Shawnee FFA reporter

COLUMBUS — Recently 13 Preble Shawnee FFA chapter members attended the 212/360 Leadership Conference in Columbus.

At the conference our members learned how to be agents of change within our community and within their friendships with other FFA members in Ohio. At the 360 portion of the conference the students took a full circle in chapter leadership development. They got to experience how to be leaders by collaborating with the state officers and other team members in the state of Ohio. The State officers helped our members with new leadership techniques and experiences.

At the 212 portion, 212, the temperature at which water boils, they focused on taking students to the boiling point of leadership. The FFA members learned the importance of self appearance and how having self confidence is very important.

They got to communicate with the other Ohio FFA members about how be a leader to not only to others but yourself as well, I asked Jasmine Mabry what she gained from attending the trip and she said “At the conference I learned that knowing your image has an impact on how others view you In order to be a good leader you have to have a good image in yourself.”

The overnight trip also consisted of a dance that gave our members the chance to mingle with other and learn new dancing techniques from surrounding chapters as well.

Submitted by Megan Roell

Preble Shawnee FFA reporter