4-H club starts another year

Submitted by Somers Super Beef

SOMERS TOWNSHIP — At their last meeting, the Somers Super Beef 4H Club did many different activities.

Besides holding a regular business meeting, the members also participated in an Ag Facts Amazing Race where teams competed against one another to see who could find the ag fact the quickest to answer the given question.

After this, the groups learned how to tie a slip knot in order to keep their animals safely restrained at the fair. At a previous meeting, the cub elected their officers who will be serving this year.

The results were President: Alyssa McQuiston; Vice President: Brandon Giffen; Treasurer: Aubrey McQuiston; Secretary: Carley Asher; and Reporter: Katelyn Niehaus.

This year’s officer team has a common goal of helping others this year, to keep 4-H fun, and for its members and everyone to do their best at the Preble County fair. The club is looking forward to a great year and is off to a fantastic start by having a Health and Safety demonstration at a recent meeting which was led by Carlyn, Megan, and Chaz.

Club members hope to see everyone at the fair.


Submitted by Somers Super Beef