Henny Penny announces new roles for executive leadership team

R-H Staff

EATON — Henny Penny, a global designer and manufacturer of premium cooking, holding, and display equipment, has restructured and redefined key roles across its Executive Leadership Team. The company made the announcement this week.

“We continue building on Henny Penny’s 60 years of trusted partnerships by renewing the commitment to our supplier, distributor, and customer partners to invest in our people and drive a culture of innovation,” said Rob Connelly, president and CEO of Henny Penny. “We’re energized by these new roles and look forward to the continued success of our partner relationships and our unique organization.”

The organizational changes include:

• Steve Maggard, formerly Senior Vice President of Global Customer Experience, is now Senior Vice President of Operations.

• Ryan Kutter, formerly Vice President Strategic Accounts and Support, is now Vice President of Global Customer Experience.

• Jeff Kincer, formerly Senior Vice President Innovation and Operations, is now Senior Vice President of Global Infrastructure.

• Carolyn Wall, formerly Chief Financial Officer and interim Vice President of Human Resources, is now Chief People Officer.

• Brian Prenger, formerly Treasurer, has an expanded role as Vice President of Finance.

• Alex Morgan, formerly Director of Brand Strategy, is now Vice President of Brand.

• Chris Trout, Vice President of Strategy, will continue this role with new support and oversight for Wood Stone located in Bellingham Washington.

• Brian Wright will continue to serve as General Counsel, with an expanded role as Vice President of Innovation.

R-H Staff