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R-H Staff

PREBLE COUNTY – Looking for a job close to home in Preble County because commuting out of county to work is costing more these days? Or are you a Preble County business struggling to find employees and seeking an additional way to promote job openings?

Officials with the Preble County Development Partnership remind Preble County residents and businesses owners the job portal exists solely to help match local workers with their future careers and better opportunities.

There’s also an app to help users stay on top of their resumes and any new job postings. Just go to and download it.

With hundreds of jobs needing filled across the county, there’s no excuse for not finding job postings, or posting available positions for free, thanks to the Preble County Development Partnership’s job portal, which is available for Preble County employers to post their open positions.

The goal of Preble County Careers is to ensure individuals in the community and surrounding area are aware of the jobs and careers available to them here in Preble County.

Marketing the site’s availability to local employers and jobseekers is one key to keeping homegrown talent at home.

“All the careers listed on are located in Preble County,” PCDP Economic Development Director Brenda Latanza stresses. “Our mission is to connect job seekers of all ages with local businesses. We are also focusing heavily at steering high school students, college students and adults toward the appropriate training and/or education that can lead to a career that is available right here, right now,” Latanza said.

Preble County businesses of all sizes are encouraged to register their company and post all job openings on the site. Local residents and other jobseekers looking to work in Preble County are encouraged to register and upload their resumes to the database as well, allowing them to be matched to careers fitting their backgrounds.

Visit to register and explore what the future in Preble County holds, post job openings, or download the app.

R-H Staff