Public safety: Oxford Police reports

OXFORD — The Oxford Division of Police filed the following recent incident reports:

Monday, Feb. 6 — Officer made contact with the victim in the lobby of the OPD. At this time the victim states that his checks and passports were stolen out of his bag while it was in his vehicle.

Monday, Feb. 6 — Officers were dispatched to a reported assault and criminal damaging at 5032 College Corner Pike Apt. #37. The matter remains under investigation.

Tuesday, Feb. 7 — Officer met with a complainant in reference to additional graffiti and damage to a rear barn on his property being vandalized once more. Officer spoke with this resident in November about graffiti on two side of the barn which now had been added to along with a broken out window on the east side of the barn. Officer took additional pictures of the new graffiti and will place them with the statement. The resident rents the house at the front of the property and has contacted his landlord who requested a police report.

Wednesday, Feb. 8 — Victim reported that he was struck by a known male and then attacked as he was trying to leave Park View Arms.

Wednesday, Feb. 8 — Officers were called to the area of 5141 Red Cloud Court in reference to a Disabled Window Placard being stolen from inside of a motor vehicle. At this time, no further suspect information is available.

Wednesday, Feb. 8 — Officer was approached by a staff member of Brickstreet Bar about a male subject who was lying on the sidewalk in front of the bar and vomited on the sidewalk. The officer found the male sitting on the ground and leaning up against the fence of the patio of the Brickstreet Bar. He was found to be 22 years old and highly intoxicated and had partially vomited on himself. He refused medical treatment and was located by some friends as the officer was finishing dealing with him. He was cited for disorderly conduct public intoxication and released to his friends.

Thursday, Feb. 9 — The victim reported a burglary that occurred sometime between 1/2/17 and 2/9/17.

Thursday, Feb. 9 — Subject was lying unconscious in the yard of 112 N College Ave. while intoxicated. Subject was under the age of 21.

Friday, Feb. 10 — Officers responded to Brickstreet Bar in reference an intoxicated male who punched a window inside. Upon arrival, officers located an 18 year old male who was identified as the suspect. After investigating the incident, the male was arrested for Criminal Damaging, Underage Consumption and possessing a fake ID.

Friday, Feb. 10 — After failing to stop at a stop sign, a female was found to be under the age of 21 years old, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, and in possession of an opened bottle of alcoholic beverage. She was charged and released into the care of her friends.

Friday, Feb. 10 — Officers responded to 110 N Poplar St. concerning a report of a theft of an iPhone and a purse.

Friday, Feb. 10 — Officers responded to Wal — Mart in reference collect video footage from a previous theft by a known female. While on the scene, the known female was located inside of Wal — Mart and was found to be attempting another theft. The female was arrested on a theft warrant and for attempted theft. The female was transported to Butler County Jail.

Friday, Feb. 10 — A vehicle was stolen and involved in a hit skip crash a short time later. The suspect/driver walked away from the crash and the vehicle was recovered and returned to the registered owner.

Saturday, Feb. 11 — Units were dispatched to the 0 block of S Poplar Street for a highly intoxicated male. Once in the area, the caller pointed out the intoxicated subject. The male was found to be highly intoxicated, underage, and transported to station after repeatedly saying he was going to defecate in his pants. While using the restroom in the jail cell, the male fell asleep on the toilet. When the officer woke the male, he vomited on the floor. He was transported to the hospital by EMS and issued citations.

Saturday, Feb. 11 — Officers responded to a call of shots fired in front of a local business. Officers were able to stop the individuals that were identified as potential suspects. One female sustained a minor injury to the finger from bullet fragment. Investigation is still ongoing.

Saturday, Feb. 11 — Subject was inside a stranger’s vehicle and rolled it out of a parking lot. Subject was highly intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Saturday, Feb. 11 — Male was observed urinating next to the front porch of 130 E High Street in a manner that he was exposing himself to everyone on High Street at bar closing time. The male was found to be intoxicated and 20 years old.

Saturday, Feb. 11 — Victim stated sometime during the night someone took his black “Hyper” mountain bike from his front porch. Victim stated it did have a cable style lock on it, but was not locked at the time. There are no suspects at this time.

Saturday, Feb. 11 — Victims stated sometime during the night someone damaged their vehicle by taking a glass beer bottle busting the windshield out of their vehicles. Both vehicles were parked in the parking lot of 300 Tallawanda when this occurred. Victims stated there are video cameras on the building, but they do not record the parking lot. There are no suspects at this time.

Saturday, Feb. 11 — Subject was charged with Obstructing Official Business and Littering. Subject was released OR.

Saturday, Feb. 11 — A male was given a summons for an underage alcohol violation after he was stopped for pressing his bare buttocks against the glass, displaying it for the entire Skyline dining room to see.

Sunday, Feb. 12 — Officers were dispatched to the 0 block of W Walnut in reference a vehicle window being punched out. Upon arrival, the suspect was located and admitted to punching the window. The male was charged with Criminal Damaging.

Sunday, Feb. 12 — During a bar check at a local bar, an individual under the age of 21 years old was found in possession of an alcoholic beverage.

Sunday, Feb. 12 — Officer stopped a highly intoxicated, incoherent female on a street corner, that was unable to walk and was being carried by two strangers. She was under the age of 21 and was in possession of a fictitious driver’s license. She was taken to the hospital for care, where she was issued summons for violations.

Sunday, Feb. 12 — A female individual reported from the hospital that she was sexually assaulted by three males in a local apartment. A search warrant was executed on the apartment. Suspects have been identified and the investigation is ongoing at this time.

Sunday, Feb. 12 — Manager of Wildberry, 15 West High Street, reported damage to one of the store front windows. She stated she received a phone call from one of the employees stating one of the windows on the front of the store had been damaged. When she arrived to the store she discovered one of the large storefront windows to have been broken. Victim stated it happened during the overnight hours, but is unsure what time it occurred. There are no suspects at this time.