Public safety: Oxford Police reports

OXFORD — Oxford Police Division filed the following recent incident reports:

Monday, May 1 — Victim reported her driver door window of her vehicle was broken out while parked in her driveway at 116 W. Church. Victim believes the mowing crew broke the window while mowing the lawn.

Tuesday, May 2 — Victim stated that her credit card and driver’s license were stolen at Brickstreet Bar. The credit card was later used at two local establishments.

Tuesday, May 2 — The defendant was arrested on a Fail to Appear warrant out of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

Tuesday, May 2 — Officer was dispatched to 112 West Spring Street in reference to a report of damage to a lawn.

Tuesday, May 2 — Victim reported she came home from the hospital to find that her apartment was broken into and items removed.

Tuesday, May 2 — Officers responded to the 6800 block of Fairfield Rd. for a report of suspicious activity. During the course of the investigation, a male subject was identified and had multiple warrants for his arrest.

Wednesday, May 3 — Officer initiated a traffic stop in the 400 block of S. Main St. concerning a headlight violation. Upon stopping, the driver of the vehicle rapidly exited his vehicle and made aggressive and offensive gestures towards officers. The subject was detained and handcuffed until the end of the traffic stop an issuance of a citation.

Wednesday, May 3 — While patrolling the 200 block of E. High St. the officer observed a male hunched over on a park bench. Upon making contact, the male was found to be highly intoxicated and he possessed a fictitious driver’s license. The male was transported to the hospital and cited for DC Intox, Sale to and Use by Underage Persons, and Certain Acts.

Wednesday, May 3 — Officer was dispatched to 814 South Main Street on a report of a suspicious person. The subject was found to have warrants for their arrest and taken into custody.

Wednesday, May 3 — A white dump truck left the KDS Express gas station without paying for $29.00 in gasoline.

Thursday, May 4 — Officer responded to a call concerning a shoplifter at Kroger; upon arrival, the suspect had left the stolen merchandise and ran. A suspect was identified and a report taken, and charges are pending.

Friday, May 5 — Officer was flagged down for a fight in the alley next to Jimmy John’s. The officer observed one male pick another male up and throw him to the ground. The aggressor then took off running after being told to stop. The aggressor was apprehended a short time later and charged.

Friday, May 5 — Officers responded to a call of a highly intoxicated female at the corner of High and Campus. She was found to be intoxicated and under the age of 21 years old. She was found to be in possession of marijuana and a pipe. During transport to Butler County Jail, the female repeatedly kicked the interior of the cruiser, causing damage to the internal divider. She was charged for a variety of offenses and booked into Butler County Jail.

Saturday, May 6 — Officers were dispatched to Pixxo Karaoke Bar regarding a noise complaint in the 0 block of S. Beech St. Upon arrival, sound was coming from the Pixxo Karaoke Bar. The front door to the establishment was locked, and after reaching an agent of the property, officers completed a bar check where they observed numerous possible state liquor infractions.

Saturday, May 6 — Officer responded to E. Withrow St. at N. Campus Ave. on a call concerning a traffic crash. The driver at fault was found to be under the influence of alcohol, underage, and in possession of a fake ID. The subject driver submitted a breath sample that showed his BrAC .207.

Saturday, May 6 — Officer observed a male urinating in the parking lot of McCullough Hyde Hospital. He was found to be underage and highly intoxicated.

Saturday, May 6 — A local delivery driver reported that he witnessed a vehicle hit several parked cars in the 300 block of E. Vine St. He followed the vehicle until officers were able to stop the vehicle a short time later. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol and arrested. One parked vehicle was confirmed to have been struck by the driver.

Saturday, May 6 — A local woman has been receiving obscene phone calls from a private number. A report has been taken and an investigation is ongoing.

Saturday, May 6 — Victim stated he parked his vehicle on Walnut Street near Campus Ave. on May 5. He reported when he returned to his vehicle, he discovered his windshield on his vehicle to be damaged/busted. There are no suspects at this time.

Saturday, May 6 — Female subject was arrested for Disorderly Conduct/Intoxication and transported to the Butler County Jail.

Saturday, May 6 — A juvenile under the care of Bunker Hill Home for Boys failed to report back to the bus at the pre —assigned meeting time. He had been reported as missing.

Saturday, May 6 — Officers responded to Steinkeller when an intoxicated female patron become belligerent and assaulted an employee. She was transported to Butler County Jail after refusing to sign her summonses for Criminal Mischief and Assault.

Sunday, May 7 — A female reported she was assaulted by a former friend at Brick Street Bar. She did not want to press charges, but wanted to make police aware that this female has recently begun acting violently and was unpredictable.

Sunday, May 7 — An intoxicated male refused to back away or leave after repeatedly being told to do so while investigating an intoxicated female call at Brick Street Bar. He repeatedly said that he knew her and that she was fine and tried to order police to leave her alone while trying to position himself between the girl and police. He was asked to identify himself and ended up being 19 years old, heavily intoxicated, and in possession of a fake driver’s license. He was taken into custody and charged.

Sunday, May 7 — An intoxicated male attempted to leave a local restaurant in the 0 block of E. High St. with a small bag of potato chips he did not pay for. As he exited the store, he ran into an officer as a business check was being conducted on the same restaurant. The male was arrested for theft of the $1.49 bag of chips, cited, and released.

Sunday, May 7 — An employee from Bunker Hill reported one of the male juvenile residents was missing. The employee arrived one hour late to pick up the male from Talawanda’s After Prom and he was nowhere to be found. The employee was not able to make contact with the juvenile via phone either.

Sunday, May 7 — Two family members were arrested and charged with Domestic Violence. Both were transported to the Butler County Jail.

Sunday, May 7 — Complainant left his wallet at the Colony gas station by accident. When he returned, his wallet was missing from where he dropped it.

Sunday, May 7 — The mother of a juvenile reports that the child’s father caused her to skin her knee and took her to the hospital instead of a scheduled custody exchange.