R-H Staff

EATON — The Preble County Creative Kids Art Show was held April 22 through May 11, at the Fine Arts Center. The Preble County Creative Kids Show is coordinated by the Preble County Educational Service Center along with the school district art teachers. Artwork that is displayed in the show is chosen by the local art teachers. High School artwork is judged and awards are given in various categories.

The High School Preble County Creative Kids Show is currently on display at the Fine Arts Center through May 11. On May 4, an awards reception was scheduled to take place and awards given for Level 1 (students who are in their first or second year of art) and Level II (students who are in their third or fourth year of art). Artwork is judged by an anonymous panel of judges and awards given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and honorable mention. A Best of Show award is also given from those who received a first place award in their medium.

The results of the 2017 High School Art Show included:


Black and White Drawing: 1st and 2nd – Meadow Perry (Twin Valley South), 3rd – Maley Tinstman (Eaton), HM – Bethany Salyers (Tri-County North

Color Drawing: 1st – Paige Rike (National Trail) 2nd – Samantha Bezich (Twin Valley South) 3rd – Abby Beneke (Twin Valley South) HM – Taryn Tucker (Tri-County North

Painting: 1st – Rivers McShirley (Tri-County North) 2nd – Hannah Judy (Tri-County North) 3rd – Logan Holt (Tri-County North) HM – Taylor Schumacher (Tri County North)

Prints: 1st – Hailey Stupp (Tri-County North) 2nd – Abby Beneke (Twin Valley South) 3rd – Taylor Davis (National Trail HM—Delaney Shively (Tri-County North)

Pottery: 1st – Blake Van Winkle (National Trail) 2nd – Hannah Graham (National Trail)

Graphic Art: 1st – Susan Claggett (Eaton) 2nd – Meadow Perry (Twin Valley South) 3rd – Kayla Campbell (Eaton) HM – Maley Tinstman (Eaton)

Mixed Media: 1st – Emma Barnett (Preble Shawnee) 2nd – Rebecca Gravening (Eaton) 3rd – Katelyn Niehaus (Eaton) HM – Emily Norris (Tri-County North

Sculpture: 1st – Brendon Gallaher (Twin Valley South) 2nd – Zoe Utsinger (Twin Valley South) 3rd – Rebecca Gravening (Eaton)

Level I Best of Show award was presented to Paige Rike, National Trail, for her Color Drawing.


Black and White Drawing: 1st – Sawyer Hacker (Preble Shawnee) 2nd – Kaitlynne Hamm (National Trail) 3rd – Branden Christensen (National Trail)

Color Drawing: 1st – Callie McCargish (Eaton) 2nd – Dylan Bowen (Twin Valley South) 3rd – Sawyer Hacker (Preble Shawnee) HM—Hunter Bennett (Twin Valley South)

Painting: 1st – Katlyn Moreland (Preble Shawnee) 2nd – Dakota Smallwood (National Trail) 3rd – Sawyer Hacker (Preble Shawnee) HM – Kaitlynne Burton (Preble Shawnee)

Prints: 1st – Dinah Welch (Twin Valley South)

Graphic Art: 1st – Mackenzie Messick (National Trail) 2nd – Kaitlynne Hamm National Trail

Mixed Media: 1st – Whitney Banks (Preble Shawnee) 2nd – Kaitlynne Burton (Preble Shawnee)

Sculpture: 1st – Dylan Bowen (Twin Valley South) 2nd –Hunter Bennett (Twin Valley South)

Level II Best of Show award was presented to Sawyer Hacker, Preble Shawnee for her Black and White Drawing.

The High School Art Show will be on display until May 11.