Local students win Believe in Ohio

R-H Staff

EATON — Eaton High School officials send out congratulations to the following students who received awards for being the top five winners in Eaton High School’s local Believe in Ohio competition.

These students include: John Christman, Braden Clabaugh, Hannah Keller, Ben Leach, Hannah Leeper, Katelyn Niehaus, Sydney Shafer.

Students dedicated hours of research and planning to the completion of a research paper and commercialization plan that “describes how a new and/or existing STEM concept, prototype, process, idea, or technology may be applied, or further developed to provide a solution to a societal problem, need, or opportunity”. This year’s winning projects included a smart soil tester with app, compostable seed capsules to restore biodiversity, gaming for the disabled, and improving range of motion after scoliosis surgery.

Interested in Believe in Ohio? Contact Amy Kochensparger for more information.

R-H Staff