MVCTC Biotechnology students learn valuable laboratory skills

By Kelly Herzog - For MVCTC

ENGLEWOOD — Students in the Biotechnology program at Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) have the opportunity to take courses and earn college credits. The MVCTC program allows them to gain essential hands-on experiences to prepare them for future careers in the Biotechnology fields, including medicine, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals.

Currently, the Class of 2020 seniors are working to develop independent research projects using skills and knowledge learned during their junior year. Research topics include the role of fertilizer and pesticides in algae overgrowth, testing the role of essential oils as antiseptics, determining how types of makeup impact the microbiome on the face, the role of light on ant types, water contamination, and how caffeine impacts plant growth. Projects will be presented at Sinclair’s Tech Prep Showcase in the spring.

By Kelly Herzog