Public records

Preble County Title Dept.

November report

Preble County Clerk of Courts

Christopher Washington

There were 1,392 titles issued in November by the Preble County Title Department. Those included: all-purpose vehicles: 15; bus: 1; manufactured home: 4; motorcycles: 30; motor homes: 33; new cars: 123; new pickup trucks: 13; new truck: 15; outboard motor: 2; off-road motorcycle: 1; trailer: 18; travel trailer: 85; used car: 742; used pickup truck: 198; used truck: 87; van: 20; boats: 5.

Marriage licenses

Preble County Probate Court

Judge Jennifer Overmeyer

Caleb Andrew Betzner, 31, 5143 Lexington Salem Road, West Alexandria, operator and Ashley Nicole Groff, 25, 5143 Lexington Salem Road, West Alexandria, homemaker.

Paul Edward Ballard, 40, 4284 Lewisburg Western Road, Lewisburg, business owner and Francisca Geany Alves Da Silva, 31, 4284 Lewisburg Western Road, Lewisburg, homemaker.

Nathan Alexander Bettker, 35, 316 South Barron Street, Eaton, massage therapist and Amanda Noel Fryer, 30, 316 South Barron Street, Eaton, registered nurse.


Preble County Clerk of Courts

Christopher Washington

Donele M. Rice, plaintiff, v. David I. Rice, defendant, divorce granted.

Beverly A. Nisewonder, plaintiff, v. William D. Nisewonder, defendant, divorce granted.

Sarah F. Worley, first petitioner and James Worley, second petitioner, dissolution.

Sarah N. Hall, plaintiff, v. Devin G. Hall, defendant, divorce granted.

Eaton Municipal Court

November Case Report

EMC Clerk

Bertha Kalil

The following cases were filed in th eEaton Municipal Court during the month of November: 93 criminal, 12 DUIs, 57 civil, 322 classified as “other traffic,” three small claims, 26 felonies, 24 new garnishments. Total: 537.

Traffic/criminal distribution: to the City of Eaton, $49,727.03; to the Preble County Auditor, $10,961.60; to the state of Ohio, $21,928.12; to all other agencies, $1,557. Total distribution of fines and costs: $84,173.75.

Civil distributions: to the City of Eaton, $11,231.76; to the state of Ohio, $1,499.85.

Contested cases traffic/criminal division: 88.

Real estate transfers

Preble County Recorder

Jeanne Creech

Graciano Saucedo Sr. to Drew Merrill and Linda Merrill, lot 2, Barker Township.

Cloyd Goley and Geneva Goley to Thomas Thompson, lot 143, West Alexandria.

John L. Hacker and Judith L. Hacker to Lawrence D. Whalen to Patricia L. Whalen, lots 2004 and 1336, Eaton.

Raymond R. Ross and Diane J. Ross to Shananne D. Middleton, Douglas P. Ross, and the Ross Keystone Preservation Trust, lot 3216, Eaton.

Diane J. Ross to Shananne D. Middleton and the Diane J. Ross Property Management Trust, 17.32 acres, 15.83 acres, and 59.73 acres, Washington Township.

Freda R. Duckro to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, lots 19 and 20, Eaton.

Gerald Allen Collins Jr. to Gerald Allen Collins Jr. and Leah Rene Collins, 1.979 acres, Gratis Township.

Kurt D. Werner and Shaylie K. Werner to Mathew R. Foster and Hillary I. Corrill, 2.290 acres, Jackson Township.

Lynn Becker to Robert Becker and Lynn Becker, lot 7, Monroe Township.

Katie N. Huff to Teresa L. Resetar and William E. Resetar, 1.16 acres, Gratis Township.

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Management and Sage Acquisitions to Pennington Homes Inc., lot 347, West Alexandria.

Michael J. Arnett Jr. and Mary B. Arnett to J.D. Rockwell, 2 acres, Jefferson Township.

Nicholas P. Allen to the Preble County Mental Health and Recovery Board, lot 172, Eaton.

Dale M. McClanahan to Tabitha Timberman and Matthew JD Timberman, lot 310, Lakengren.

Beth Burdge to Larry Adams and Beth Burdge, lot 460, Deer Run.

Donald Burgess and Judith Burgess to Jill E. Hittle, 37.72 acres and 20 acres, Israel Township.

Jill E. Hittle to James M. Small and Colleen M Small, 55.603 acres, Israel Township.

David W. Sucher and Sondra L. Sucher to Johnny H Howard and Tonya L. Howard, lot 279, Deer Run.

Monica L. Bulach to Jeffrey A. Bulach, 1.622 acres, Washington Township.

Russ Ruebush and Kathy Ruebush to James R. Saylers and Barbara J. Saylers, lot 5, Camden.

Carol A Schlater to William E. Chapman and Sandra A. Chapman, 6.682 acres, Twin Township.

Jobe C. Hickey and Taryn L. Hickey to Lacy J. Wright and Donald E. Wright, lot 190, Lewisburg.

William F. Green and Pamela S. Green to Lacy J. Wright and Donald E. Wright, lot 190, Lewisburg.

Lacy J. Wright and Donald E. Wright to Leah J. Hartley, lot 190, Lewisburg.

Rodney A. Kreitzer and Lori S. Kreitzer to Stephen A. Hines and Janet L. Hines, lot 3010, Eaton.

Susan A. Fox to Derek D. Myers, 0.964 acres, Somers Township.

Kellie L. Elliott to Brian T. Beasley, lot 1590, Eaton.

Debora D. Douglas to Jamie Orozso, Jennifer Schmidlin, and Laura Robinson, lots 175 and 176, Gratis Township.

Doris Mae Howell to Franklin Howell Jr., lot 149, West Manchester.

Gary C. Roosa to Sharon C. Roosa, lot 297 New Paris.

Sandra L. Scarberry to Larry Miller, lot 20, New Paris.

Gordon E. Bulla to Gordon E. Bulla Trustee, 130, 40.715, 29.823, 4.483, and 143.5 acres, Dixon Township.

Ashley L. Harvey and William J. Harvey to Joseph W. Rossi, lot 1860, Lakengren.

Constance E. Crowell to John Hibberd Jr., lot 495, Eaton.

Daniel Charles Blanton and Faith Catherine Coffrey to Charles Harris, 65, 10, and 12 acres, Gratis Township.

Twin Valley Bank to Daniel L. McClain and Jon T. McClain, lot 369, West Alexandria.

Sharon L. Minter Trustee, Ross Shepard and Dakota Shepard to Derek Vonderhaar and Cari Vonderhaar, 20.003, and 1.36 acres, Washington Township and 63.64 and 40 acres, Twin Township.

Gary A. Pope and Mary J. Pope to US National Bank Association, lot 1, Lincoln Township.

Maribeth Garrett to Elisabeth Marion Mast, 1.556 acres, Israel Township.

Mark Garrett, Timothy Wayne Garrett, Clark Nacomas Garrett and Maribeth Garrett to Elisabeth Marion Mast, lots 3, 4, 5, and 6, Fairhaven.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Eric Miller and Tamara Deaton, 3 and 5 acres, Jefferson Township.

Therese M. Baines to Dennis D. Martin 1.361 acres, Jefferson Township.

Maxwell L. Frederick and Esther L. Hornsby, lot 45, College Corner.

Eugene F. Carter and Douglas E. Carter to Charles Shaffer and Ida Shaffer, 13.5 acres, Jefferson Township.

Mae Fannie to Joey Overton, lot 2086, Lakengren.

Mary J. Thomas to Charles D. Thomas, lots 354 and 356, New Paris.

Dale M. Hudson and Barbara K. Hudson to Hannah H. Terrell, lot 556, Camden.

Nina L. Pyburn to Edith Jane Cox, lot 953, Lewisburg.

Aaron Ryan and Thaddeus Ryan to Kevin B. Alexander, lot 264, New Paris.

Michael Taulbee to Gina Taulbee, lot 417, Deer Run.

Jared F. Neal to Jacob Denlger and Kristine Dengler, 20.804 acres, Gratis Township.

Karl J. Borchers and Mary F. Borchers to James D. Bustillo, 6.44 acres, Lanier Township.

Wells Fargo National Bank to Herschel Braughton Jr., lot 20, Twin Creek Acres.

James E. Brockman to Terrance T. Brockman, 3 acres, Jefferson Township.

Norma Jean Kemp to Dustin L. Brewster, lot 2366, Eaton.

Roger L. Davidson and Cille L. Davidson to Kyle A. Thomas, 4.74 acres, Monroe Township.

John G. Rettich to David L. Bruce III and Kaitlyn D. Bruce, lot 343, Eaton.

Sharon Wooten to Trenia Barrett, lot 359, Deer Run.

Shawn P. Fitzgerald to Kelly Cox, lot 413, New Paris.

Jeffery B. Williams and Donna R. Williams to Jeremiah L. Stockwell, lot 3210, Eaton.

Jean Margaret Simpson to James D. Newton and Cassandra K. Newton, 112.16 acres, Jackson Township.

Wayne E. Garrett to Timothy G. Webber, 0.5 acre, Gratis Township.

James L. Pearson and Yolanda R. Pearson to Jeffrey S. Carter and Kari L. Carter, 12.667 acres, Gratis Township.

JP Morgan National Chase Bank to Eric White, 0.777 acre, Somers Township.

Timothy D. Stebbins to Dwight Adkins, lot 4, Conley.

Mark Remaklus, Leo Remaklus, and Mary L. Goubeaux to John Remaklus, lots 48 and 638, Eaton.

Mark A. Middendorf to Waggle Stone Realty, lot 456, New Paris.

Darryl E. Gaston to Drake Baldwin and Stephanie Baldwin, lots 827 and 828, Lakengren.

Larry B. Wright to Brian S. Wright, .528 acre, Harrison Township.

David W. Kendel and Shondra L. Kendel to Suted Solutions LLC, lot 1773, Eaton.

Theodore R. Rose and Dona J. Rose to Deonna L. Hatton, 1.662 acres, Gratis Township.

Royce W. Clippinger and Virginia M. Clippinger to Stephen R. Clippinger, 45 and 64.614 acres, Gratis Township.

Jonathan Michael Kyle Lawson and Lindsay R. Lawson to Jonathon Elliot, lot 412, West Alexandria.

D and T Thomas Rentals LLC to Corey A. Gray and Shonda L. Gray, lot 1301, Lakengren.

William V. Yorke Jr. and Margaret A. Yorke to Rusty Jay Anderson and Beverly Kay Anderson, 51.431 acres, Jefferson Township.