Public records

Real estate transfers

Jeanne Creech

Preble County Recorder

Mae Fannie to Mason Toler and Brenda Toler, 5.00 acres, Somers Township.

Charles E. Smallwood to US National Bank Association, lot 313, Gratis Township.

Robert L. Lairson Sr. and Brenda S. Lairson to James Bedinghaus, lot 47 and 53, Ernest Township.

Douglas E. Romer to Danhoh LLC, lots 1948 and 1949, Lakengren.

Wesley D. Nuse and Rita F. Custer, lot 800, Lewisburg.

Jason R. Newport to Margaret J. Jordan, lot 4, West Manchester.

Devan C. Renner to Codi C. Moore, lot 1585, Eaton.

Rene Kolling and Timothy Hornbacker to Derek Buccella, lot 331, Eldorado.

Renee Dawn Estes and Gerald Wayne Estes to Todd Boicourt, lot 785, Lakengren.

Herschel Braughton III to William Eisen and Kimberly Eisen, 2.098 acres, Harrison Township.

Spencer C. Jordan and Shelly K. Jordan to Tony F. Baker and Ciara M. Baker, 1.371 acres, Monroe.

John E. Frye to Anthony Shepherd and Tonya C. Shepherd, lot 3, Gregory Township.

Huntington National Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lots 9 and 10, Satterfield.

Ronnie A. Jorgenson to Rodney Sanders and Kristen Sanders, 7.823 acres, Lanier Township.

Carol D. Sergio and William F. Pricer to Timothy A. Smith and Annette M. Smith, lot 1704, Washington Township.

Steven A. Perrin and Tonya M. Perrin to Stephen Winn, lot 2583, Eaton.

Ronald L. Battista to Betty Battista, lot 3119, Eaton.

Rebecca Schaffer to Carol L. Hartman, lots 34 and 1485, Eaton.

Myrtle Eck and Richard S. Eck to Symantha N. Mendenhall, lots 1314 and 1346, Lakengren.

John A. Moore to Lori K. Welsh Arbogast, lot 1941, Lakengren.

John G. Meyers and Michelle C. Meyers to Jeffrey R. Schueler and Peggy Schueler, 10.658 acres, Dixon Township.

Aaron C. Schmidt and Shannon M. Schmidt to Aaron C. Schmidt, 19.949 acres, Somers Township.

Somerville National Bank to John Krickenbarger and Leah J. Krickenbarger, 125.52 acres, Twin Township.

Richard J. Jordan to Judith C. Jordan, 20 acres, Jefferson Township.

Jill A. Eales to Judith C. Jordan, 20 acres, Jefferson Township.

Jacob B. Hickey to Jeffrey D. Hickey and Jo Ellen Hickey, lot 442, West Alexandria.

Douglas R. Hammond and Christine Hammond to Catherine Ramzy Harrison, 20.363 acres, Harrison Township.

Verna R. Martin to Gary Thacker and Linda Thacker, 3.346 acres, Gratis Township.

Charles W. Paxton to Joseph A. Sturgill and Tory M. Sturgill, 14 acres, Israel Township.

Jonathan P. Scaffidi and Laurie B. Lundin to Joe A. Miller and Malissa J. Miller, 2 acres, Israel Township.

David C. Caplinger to Christopher Adam Petelle and Haylee Michelle Petelle, 28.767 acres, Dixon Township.

Subject: Property Transfers 11-21-16 to 11-30-16

Connie S. Rutherford and Imogene Brandt to Rodney W. Engle, lots 177 and 178, Gratis Township.

Franklin Ditty to Daniel Ditty, Rachelle Ditty, and Shannon Wysong, 55.211 acres, Jefferson Township.

Shannon Wysong to Robert Peters and Scherie L. Peters, 55.211 acres, Jefferson Township.

Richard Dingee to Timothy J. Suter and Brandy R. Suter, 2 acres, Washington Township.

Jeffrey L. Crawford and Kathy L. Crawford to Jill E. Hittle, lots 964 and 965, Lewisburg.

Mary A. Dye, Susanne Rose Dye, and John M. Dye to George A. Halderman, 123.052 acres, Harrison Township.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Sage Aquisitions to Cheryl J. Scholes and US Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1.107 acres, Lanier Township.

Aaron R. Melling and Dexter E. Melling to Duane A. Powell and Alicia M. Powell.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC and M&T Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lot 2008, Lakengren.

Tamara K. Whitaker to Jesse D. Reed, lot 2443, Eaton.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Felty and Lembright Co LPA to Tequila A. Smith, lot 1530, Eaton.

Gregory C. Lantis and Rebecca F. Lantis to Dylan J. Chaney, lots 49 and 51, Ernest.

Benjamin J. Price and Cathy A. Price to Jeffrey A. Anderson, 1.21 acres, Washington Township.

Christopher Jack Grubb, Sarrah Jean Grubb, and Shelby Carmean to Craig S. True, lot 365, Lakengren.

Kay Sue Moses, Tommy Gene Moses, and JC Moses to Alexander S. Proeschel, lot 280, Gratis.

AR Eaton Property OH LLC to Sunrise LLC, lot 3311, Eaton.

Richard L. Jackson to Shirley J. Jackson, lot 89, Lewisburg.

Firmin A. Hickey and Marie F. Hickey to Robert A. Cross and Jennifer M. Cross, 10.647, 0.672, 19.235, and 40.002 acres, Somers Township.

Justin M. Brubaker to Ison Ralynn, lot 1899, Eaton.

Ellen Pauline Henry to Gary Henry, lots 1, 2, and 3, Satterfield Township.

James R. Thomas Jr. to Dena Trobridge, lots 1 and 2, West Manchester.

Ann Helton and David C. Kinser to Andrew C. Groh and Amanda L. Groh, 93.766 acres, Somers Township.

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church to West Alexandria Firemens Association Inc., lot 91, West Alexandria.

Joan C. Lewis to Phillip Patrick Marcum, 2.345 acres, Gratis Township.

Joey Overton to Cindy Hartbarger and Joey Overton, lot 2086, Lakengren.

Todd M. Barton and Stacy M. Barton to Justin K. Hensel, lot 2528, Eaton.

Danny F. Peterson and Bettie W. Peterson to Kelly L. Hinkle, lot 2528, Eaton.

Michael A Hunyadi and Patricia Jo Hunyadi to Patricia Jo Hunyadi, 13.613 acres, Jefferson Township.

Linda M. Summers to Clifford James Johnson, lot 84, West Alexandria.

Mark G. Ross to David Lewis and Teresa Lewis, lots 750 and 751, Lakengren.

James J. Hemmerick and Angela J. Hemmerich to Joseph A. Boyd and Darlene K. Boyd, 2.005 acres, Twin Township.