Public records

Marriage applications

Preble County Probate Court

Jeffrey Scott Weireter, 54, 4608 Lee Street, Lewisburg, CNC operator and Tonya Renee Lacey, 49, 4608 Lee Street, Lewisburg, teacher.

Jeremiah Stephen Kannianen, 42, 206 Difederico Drive, New Paris, plant supervisor and Jannifer Rai Lathrop, 42, 206 Difederico Drive, New Paris, dental assistant.

Dakota Jordan Bowman, 20, 2373 Wyatt Road, Eaton, farmer and Alyssa Faye Deaton, 18, 1691 Antioch Road, Eaton, housekeeping.

Christopher Paul Trammell, 26, 325 H Eaton Lewisburg Road, Eaton, care giver and Kyle Lee Ramey, 27. 325 H Eaton Lewisburg Road, Eaton, shift manager.

Eaton Municipal Court

January 2017 report

Bertha Kalil, Clerk

The following cases were filed in the Eaton Municipal Court during the month of January, 2017: 79 criminal, 17 DUIs, 331 “other traffic” and 54 civil. There were 14 small claims cases filed, 39 felonies and 28 new garnishments, for a total of 562 cases.

Traffic/criminal distribution: to the City of Eaton — $47,555.23; to the Preble County Auditor — $10,808.13; to the State of Ohio — $19,764.22 and to all other agencies — $993.75. Total distribution of fines and costs: $79,121.33.

Civil distribution: to the City of Eaton — $11,869.98; to the State of Ohio — $1,516.68.

There were 105 total contested cases in the traffic/criminal division.

Divorces & Dissolutions

Preble County Common Pleas Court

Christopher Washington, Clerk

Stella Kit Marcum, plaintiff, vs. Gary Wayne Marcum, defendant, divorce granted.

Sarah Gulley and Bradley Gulley, petitioners, dissolution.

Jennifer Hurt and Joseph Renacs Jr., petitioners, dissolution.

Dustin Crank and Melissa Crank, petitioners, dissolution.

James W. Lindenmayer, plaintiff, vs. Sabrena A. Lindenmayer, defendant, divorce granted.

Nathan Bettker, plaintiff, vs. Claire Bettker, defendant, divorce granted.

Bairanon Camamara, plaintiff, vs. Scott Allen Satterfield, defendant, divorce granted.

Meggan Blackburn, plaintiff, vs. William Blackburn Jr., defendant, divorce granted.

Stephanie K. Smith and Ryan A. Smith, petitioners, dissolution.

Candice R. Turpin and Robert C. Turpin, petitioners, dissolution.

Dena Miroth, plaintiff vs.Vern Miroth, defendant, divorce granted.

Mark Jones, plaintiff vs. Connie Jonoes, defendant, divorce granted.

Preble County Title Dept.

January 2017 report

Christopher B. Washington, Clerk

ATV, 5

Ambulance, 0

Bus, 1

Golf cart, 0

Manufactured home, 6

Motor home, 23

Motorcycle, 31

New car, 96

New pick up, 33

New truck, 1

Off-road motorcycle, 1

Outboard motor, 8

Trailer, 17

Travel trailer, 74

Used car, 705

Used truck, 38

Van, 16

Watercraft, 18

Total titles: 1,327