Sale had something for everyone

The annual 127 Yard Sale, known as the longest yard sale in the country, brought out buyers and sellers galore. Stretching from Hudson, Michigan in the north to Gadsden, Alabama in the south, (a distance of nearly 700 miles) this event had something for everyone.

Whatever your interests you can be sure to find something fascinating and wonderful, if not at one sellers location, maybe just down the road a little way. Items may be displayed on a country porch, a parking lot, indoors or out. There may be the treasures from one family, or from several families or an entire community.

Sellers may be locals or vendors who have traveled many miles to display their items . And the items for sale vary from motor vehicles, to furniture, from old to new. Books, movies, (old and new), trinkets, jewelry, antiques and collectibles are offered. Toys for children and lots of clothing. Appliances and lawn and farm equipment , along with tools for every imaginable job are on display.

To travel just the small section of the 127 corridor, here in Preble County, makes for a very nice outing. For those hunting for a particular item or just something that catches their fancy it would be unusual not to find that special thing that makes the day worthwhile.

Part of the journey that can be even more interesting than the things for sale is to talk to the sellers. It is amazing how quickly just speaking about a particular item can open the floodgate of discussion and make it seem that a new friend has been found. Perhaps an item that catches your eye, like an antique baby carriage, will bring back memories and when talking to the seller you will realize that we may all be very much alike in what we have experienced.

Many of the things for sale may give us a glimpse into history. Some vendors have old photos, and magazines featuring historical events, such as the Kennedy assassination, the moon landing, or old newspapers with stories of local stories, perhaps even about names that you may know today. And items that were in use long ago, but that now may not even be familiar to us, like a ‘vacuum cleaner’ that you had to pump to suck up the dirt, or a wire carpet beater that maybe your grandmother used at least twice a year during the major spring or fall house cleaning.

And not only are there so many things to buy but there are many locations to just stop, relax and have a bite to eat. Sausage biscuits, roasted corn on the cob, home baked goods, and lots of cold drinks are available along the way.

Whether your interest be for the home or the garden, decorative items or something to read, crowbars or really old cars, it is worth the drive and the looking, because for sure, if one seller does not have what you want the next one just down the road might have your treasure.

Dee Lightner

New Paris