Encouraging support for MVCTC levy


We have three children. Our last one chose to attend MVCTC. She graduated with a Graphics Art Certification in June of 2013. She went on to SAA and graduated as co-valedictorian in 2015. She is now a successful graphic designer at “Klutch” in Columbus, Ohio. CTC was the foundation to her success in a field that is hard to be gainfully employed. She still keeps in touch with her former teachers and considers them her colleagues.

The education she received at CTC was the closest she could get to what was current in the graphic art industry. CTC technology and teachers, trained in that specific program, prepared her for the future work force more than her local high school could have.

CTC prepares our future generation of productive workforce employees. This two-year career school allows many to go straight into the workforce certificated, licensed, military, and on to post-secondary education.

In order to continue to be a successful state-of-the-art career school, technology, equipment, buildings, and structures need to be maintained and updated as the need arises in order for their graduating students to remain at the top of the recruitment list for gainful employment.

The upgrades this levy will provide are monumental to the safety, apprenticeships, and technological needs of the current student workforce as well as for the future workforces. This expansion and update will allow more students to attend CTC. There are a large number of eligible students that are being denied attendance simply because of not enough room. Please help to see that change.

We encourage all to vote yes for our future workforce on Nov. 7.

Kevin and Sherry Hood