Resident questions Sewer District 6 creation


I and a number of concerned citizens attended the Aug. 13 commissioners meeting concerning Sewer District 6.

Mr. Smith, from CDM, informed us that the Preble County Health Department was with the Ohio EPA when six samples were taken in May of 2010.

Voters of Preble County, please hear me — the fix is in.

(I beleive) the Preble County Health Department has allowed raw sewage to be dumped in county ditches for years, doing nothing to stop it. The health department contacts the Ohio EPA, takes them to a ditch that they know will have high levels of Ecoli. All this activity was kept from the commissioners office.

Let me say this again, the fix is in!

The health department and the Ohio EPA then begin to develop a plan to create a sewer system for the Glenwood Area, again in secret from county officials, I believe.

So the sewer plan is developed. Where is the collected sewage going to go? Enter a West Alexandria administrator.

Go online and search for “Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission Sanitary Sewer Feasibilty Study 2015.” Go to page 43.

It states the Ohio EPA an a West Alex administrator were in discussions to have West Alex to treat this sewer district.

I spoke with West Alex Council members at the time and they knew nothing about these discussions.

What do the Preble County Health Department, the Ohio EPA, and the West Alex administrator have in common? All three are non-elected bureaucracies, creating a tax for Preble County. This is unconstitutional.

When is an elected official in Preble County going to have the courage to stand up and say “Dumping raw sewage in county ditches stops today?” Who has the courage to contront the health department and tell them to “clean out their desks, you’re fired?”

After reading this report, I’ve said that this whole plan is nothing more than to have hundreds of homeowners in Preble County to pay for a new sewage plant for West Alex. Just so you know, the village of West Alexandria just bought land to build — you guessed it — a new sewage plant. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

If Sewer District 6 is forced upon the voting citizens of Preble County, I believe it will make the Goose Creek Crossing fiasco look like a Sunday School picnic.

Jerry Wick

West Alexandria