Hiles urges investigation into PC Humane Society


Recently a letter to the editor concerning the Preble County Humane Society was printed in The Register-Herald from Ty McGuire and followed up with a rebuttal from Leslie Renner and the board of directors.

After reading both letters and having the experience my family and I did with the PCHS, I felt it expedient that I submit a letter to the editor concerning our experience with the PCHS and make a call for other citizens who have encountered the same treatment to do so.

Also to call for the City of Eaton and Preble County to conduct a thorough investigation into the PCHS’s operation and find out why so many citizens have been mistreated and stop it.

It is obvious there is a problem with the Humane Society in Preble County when you read their reviews on Google and see so many complaints and a rating of 2 on a scale of 5. Unlike what Ms. Renner alleged that citizen complaints posted on Ty’s Facebook page were individuals hiding behind an alias, I can confirm that is not true because my daughter was one who posted on his page as well after hearing about Ty’s unfortunate experience.

I discovered during research Ty certainly had no axes to grind with the PCHS for his family had a record of supporting the PCHS, his father even requesting at his death in 2015 donations be made to the PCHS in lieu of flowers.

In the past we heard several citizen complaints about the PCHS but as the old saying goes “until it happens to you” it doesn’t have the same impact. That was my family’s case after we had purchased an adorable lovable Brittany Spaniel. We had well over $1,000 in the dog. The main thing we failed to consider was how big it would get and the proper space it needed being a runner.

After it got so big we recognized our situation was not good for the dog and our daughter decided to take her dog to the PCHS expecting they would find her a good home. Sandy took the dog to the PCHS on Wednesday but within a few hours was regretting it, having concerns how she was treated when she took the dog to the PCHS and finding out that someone else she knew would take the dog to a good home.

The next day, Thursday, Sandy had to work and within 24 hours my wife and a family friend went to the PCHS expecting to get the dog back. The director refused to give the dog back to its owner while mistreating my wife and friend and none of that was necessary. My wife came home crying as a result of the treatment she incurred from the director.

After hearing how my wife and friend were mistreated, Sandy decided to go to the PCHS Friday within 48 hours and get her dog back. But to no avail, for the director stated to her she was lucky she had not already put the dog down and refused to give her dog back, exposing firsthand why we had heard so many complaints in the past about the PCHS.

Given this is what took place, our family had no guarantees that the PCHS would place the dog in a good home.

After this happened to us I contacted other Humane Societies in Ohio and told them what had happened to us with the PCHS and they were shocked and said if we had taken our dog to them and come back that soon, the dog would have been returned — with us just having to cover any expenses they incurred during the time they had the dog, which was very fair.

So why didn’t Leslie Renner and the PCHS handle it in the same manner?

In addition, I did research on the Internet of other Humane Society websites, and found that their motto was to work with dog owners in every way possible to ensure their pets were well taken care of — also the motto of the National Humane Society, but we clearly did not receive that kind of treatment from Leslie Renner and the PCHS.

The Preble County Humane Society is not a member of the National Humane Society organization. While all these other Humane Societies stated they were no kill shelters as well, why would Leslie Renner make the statement she did to my daughter about being lucky her dog had not been put down before she went there within 48 hours to get it back? This is indicative of the kinds of attitudes and mistreatment citizens have encountered trying to deal with the PCHS and Leslie Renner and I say it is past time for it to stop!

It is a disgrace to Preble County and citizens and officials need to act to see to it this does not continue.

Gary Hiles