Lindley supporting ECS income tax renewal


Benjamin Franklin said “Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Even though that remark was made over 200 years ago it holds true today.

Eaton Schools are ranked 18th out of 608 Ohio school districts when compared to Medium Household Income Rank in the State of Ohio. Good schools attract good business, good professionals, and good educators and importantly help maintain your real estate values.

Tuesday, Nov. 5, we will have an election that will include Issue 9. Issue 9 is a renewal of the .75 percent income tax. This is not a new tax, it is a renewal. This income tax renewal does not tax Social Security benefits.

Even though I am retired, I consider our schools a major asset for our community and our children.

I am going to vote “yes” for this school income tax renewal. I hope you too will vote “yes.”

Gene Lindley