Writer supporting SB 221, Sheriff Simpson


Senate Bill 221: Although we live in a free society, all of us accept or should accept the notion that there will be or should be reasonable limits on gun ownership. Keeping guns out of the hands of drug addicts and others suffering from a mental impairment seems to be a reasonable precaution.

I’m not sure why anyone would criticize Sheriff Simpson. Supporting 2nd Amendment rights and wanting to keep guns out of the wrong hands are not mutually exclusive. I happen to agree with Sheriff Simpson. I don’t want drug addicts or those mentally impaired to have unrestricted access to guns.

As a private citizen my exposure to this segment of the population is limited and different from the Sheriff or his deputies. They don’t get the freedom of whom they interact with. Every police interaction is replete with the potential of escalating violence against them. I fully support any reasonable precaution that eliminates one more threat against them or my neighbors. They are after all working for our safety.

Finally, I understand the implicit and unstated belief that any restriction of 2nd Amendment rights will over time continue to erode this constitutional right. In theory, this may be true, but in practice highly unlikely.

I fully support Senate Bill 221 and Sheriff Simpson.

James Harlan