Writer supports Cox for 43rd District

By Charlie Claywell


In the late 1960s my father moved us north, to Preble County, in search of a better job, because of his decision, I grew up in a community that felt optimistic.

Three decades later, in the late 1990s, when my daughter was born, her generation graduated into a community with empty storefronts, limited economic opportunity, and a place where too many families were struggling with addiction.

Myriad issues led us here, but poorly crafted legislation by Ohio lawmakers played a role. Their policies failed rural communities and smaller towns.

The way out of this is electing people who will fight for a broader group of Ohioans.

I met Ohio 43rd District candidate Amy Cox about a year ago and have spoken with her numerous times. I’m impressed with her platform (voteamycox.com). It focuses on workers. We need this. Well-paid workers are the engine that drives our economy and strengthens our neighborhoods.

Her campaign also impresses me. It’s an example of the America I want. Besides being endorsed by a former boss, coworkers and students, Amy has successfully garnered support from an ever-increasing coalition. Trade unionists, teachers, farmers, law enforcement — the list of supporters is long — and these individuals, and organizations, represent ideas, viewpoints and interests, that will ‘have her ear’ as she works, for us, in Columbus.

Her opponent, Rodney Creech, began his quest for political power more than a decade ago. As Commissioner, tough local problems — like addiction, SD6, or the alarming number of ‘working poor’ — have proven too difficult for him. He simply hasn’t generated ideas to effectively confront them.

In my view, he seems to enjoy social media more than governing. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I prefer an elected official who willingly slogs through a 50-page manual on the ins-and-outs of a Land Bank over one who works to drive up Facebook interactions.

So, I’m voting for Amy. She’s the leader we need in this moment. She knows how to meet challenging situations.

Richmond High School principal, Rae Woolpy, where Amy worked for a decade, said Amy was part of the dedicated team of teachers that help pull the school up from its F academic rating.

Woolpy said, “(Amy) was extremely effective. She would use her voice for change….Amy was one of those teachers that led us to that A grade.”

Besides being a team worker, and leader, at Richmond High School, in this campaign, Amy has proven she can pull together a diverse team of supporters. Today, more than ever, we need this. Ohio’s strength has always resided in its diversity.

As Ohio 43, and its communities, seek to rebuild, after this most difficult year, I look forward to the policies Amy helps craft — because I want to live, once again, in a community that feels optimistic.

Charlie Claywell


By Charlie Claywell