Writer endorses Robertson for open commissioner seat

A republican form of government, where a small body of citizens comprise the representation of the larger body. A system to ensure the individual liberties of us all are recognized. It is to this end, the recognition and participation of the citizenry that oils this republican machine. We as citizens on the committee or outside of it have a duty to ensure this process is fulfilled by the will of the people.

Dear Chairman Haber and members of the Republican Central Committee,

We the undersigned, request the appointment of Mrs. Denise Robertson to the position of Preble County Commissioner.

Ohio has experienced two election fiascos in 2020. One we witnessed nationally and the other statewide. We know that the Governor’s action suppressed voter turnout substantially with a 55 percent reduction in voter turnout by comparison to Presidential Year Primary 2016.

The margin of Commissioner Robertson’s loss was close. We will never know for sure what the outcome would have been had the election process not been altered at the last minute.

Consider that Mrs. Robertson has the experience, the record of service and the third-highest number of votes for commissioner in the Republican Primary. This is a great opportunity to appoint a candidate whom the people have already approved.

Thank you for your consideration.


Daniel C. Stuart, Samuel C. Stuart

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