Wick: New commissioner must make “future of Preble County their priority”

Dear Editor,

I would like to make the citizens aware of an important decision the Republican Central Committee will make in the coming days to fill the commissioner seat vacated by State Representative Rodney Creech.

It is critical for Preble County that the person selected will make the future of Preble County their priority. Gone are the days when our commissioners were reactive and not proactive. No more of commissioners personal priorities first on the agenda and the county’s needs secondary. We don’t need former commissioners selected because they have leadership experience. If these persons had shown good leadership, they wouldn’t be former commissioners.

The Central Committee needs to select someone who will protect Preble County from solar companies destroying good farmland and destroying our farms by ignoring the 40-acre rule.

The old culture in the courthouse of going along to get along with a wink and nod is gone. The voters of Preble County have ushered in two new commissioners that I believe will lead Preble County with integrity, honesty, and transparency. We need to hold the Central Committee to the same standards.

Jerry L. Wick